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Mom as My Forever Guest

by Bhavya Vimal
(Kochi, Kerala, India)

one of a sad poems for all age

one of a sad poems for all age

I woke up as the sorrow sunbeam
Bath me, as I know she may leave.
I saw my shelves empty with spiders to gleam.
I stood still, sighing, though my half had sieved.

I watched my half being dragged away …
I watched with a sorrowful-sigh to find a way.
I saw the last gleam of her eyes,
And her handloom-tunic dress…
Into a new world of lonely life,
I stood still, waiting for a new world to address.
I watched her shadow pass by the walls of my home
To a dark life…
Like a bird in a cage,
Who have no freedom to flutter its magical wings.

There she found only air to feel
and darkness to express love.
I came within her to protect,
But now I learned to protest,
Not to be a doll of life.

But a day came, to make me smile
To wipe the dew from me.
Yes, here comes my heroine of Vrael.
My guest,
My mom, as a forever guest.

Thank you

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