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Murder Most Foul - 13

by Bala

Story so far

Bollywood's reigning queen Sudha's ex husband Sudhir goes missing. Speculations rise as to whether she alone, or she along with the upcoming actor Pritam, have a hand in his missing. Sudhir's mother gives a statement to the press that she does not suspect Sudha. So where is Sudhir? Prior to that Sudha and Sudhir meet in a musical program, become popular singers, Sudha becomes a star, they get married secretly, he gets a job in Bangalore, they meet secretly on a few occasions and get bad press reports.

Sudhir's bosses get upset and ask him for explanation, he tells them that he is married to Sudha. To end all speculations, she calls for a press meet, where she announces their secret marriage 2 years ago to the surprised press reporters...

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Chapter 13

When journalists looked at him, Sudhir expressed the same feelings he made out to her in solitude two years back.

"Before Yash Chopraji showed the tulip garden and other such exotic locations in Switzerland for the romantic scenes in his famous films, the Indian film fans were not aware of such magnificent romantic locations. The experience gave them a thrilling experience and made them feel as if they were actually running along with Rekha, Amitabh and the other stars in those locations. That is the essence of talent and art".

"The persons possessing such skills should have the freedom and the facility to exhibit their skills and talents. She is a
multi talented genius. So she must have the freedom to exhibit her talents".

"But as a girl she also had to get married whenever she felt that the time was right for it. Two years back she thought that it was the right time for her to get married to me".

"But I had the capacity only to offer her the freedom but not the facility to exhibit her talents.That's why I kept myself in the background. I was ready for remaining in the background for as long a time as she wanted, whether it was 2 years or 5 years or 10 years. That is for her to decide".

They then asked Sudha "But madam, did you not know that getting married would be an impediment for a career in films?"

She said with a smile "I knew it. That's why I did not want a film career at all".

It was followed by the obvious question by the journalists "If you did not want a filmy career, then why did you agree to act in films?"

She again briefly summarized her position about her parents wanting her to become a star and as a daughter it was her duty to try to fulfill their desires even if she did not want it.

Even though her mother was a talented actress, she could not succeed as a heroine and so it was natural for her to desire that her daughter should try and achieve it.

She said "That's why I agreed for it and with god's grace I have fulfilled their desires".

She compared the situation to that of the sons and daughters who take up engineering or medical or legal courses as per the desires of their parents even if their own choices some times were different from those of their parents.

They then asked her "OK, all these days we were not aware of your marriage and so both of you were living separately. Now that you are announcing it, how are you going to live? Are you going to live together?"

Sudha said "There are 3 possible answers for that question. The first answer is that he can live with me in my house. But in that case people will say that he is a 'ghar jamaai'. Both of us will not like it".

"The 2nd answer is that we can find out an apartment which he can afford to maintain with his income and we can live in that apartment. But since he is preparing for his management course and is arranging for his finances for the same, it may not be possible".

"The 3rd answer is that I can move in with him at his existing one room and live there with him".

The journalists looked at her with total disbelief and said "You are used to living in luxury. How can you live in that one room apartment?"

She asked them "Haven't you heard the statement 'where there is a will, there is a way'? I am ready for it. That's why I have come here in this plain sari. I am ready to move into his room straight from here".

One reporter "So you are trying to show the world that you are the woman ready to sacrifice your lucrative career for the sake of your husband?"

She smiled and asked the journalist "You press reporters always ask this question to a woman only. But never to the men who are ready to sacrifice their careers for the sake of their wives".

Do you want Sudhir to sacrifice his career for my sake so that I can continue to remain in permanent limelight?"

"When a woman leaves her career for the sake of her husband you journalists hail her as a devi, but if a husband does it for the sake of his wife you will not appreciate him as a deva..."

and added with guffaw "...but you will ridicule him only as a Prabhu Deva, meaning the husband is dancing to the tune of his wife" and followed it with a hearty laugh.

Some of the journalists shared the laughter with her. With that the press meet came to a close.


To be continued.....

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