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Murder Most Foul - 14

by Bala

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Sudha and Sudhir were married in a five star hotel within the next few days in a well attended function with film stars, politicians, industrialists, sports personalities and the other celebrities taking part in it.

But both their parents boycotted the marriage since both the parties were shocked about it and did not approve of it.

Sudha's mother was getting offers from some Bollywood producers for mother roles to which she not showing much enthusiasm till then since she was actively managing Sudha's career.

But after this shocking marriage, she decided to shift to Mumbai and started accepting such mother roles. Soon she became a sought after mother for either the hero or the heroine of prestigious hindi films.

After her press meet both Sudha and Sudhir were highly praised for their excellent behavior and the dignity they brought to their situation.

Contrary to the normal rules that a young film heroine was likely to lose her market if she decides to get married Sudha was flooded with more and more film offers due to the respect and approval she got from the public and the press.

Sudha and Sudhir continued to live their separate lives as in the past since they could not get any suitable apartment within his budget. The housing societies which were willing to offer such flats to them imposed such impractical conditions that they could not accept them.

They say that nature abhors a vacuum. But we also know that nature abhors anything which is not natural.

Sudha and Sudhir living their lives as a devoted couple but living separately was not something that was natural.

Sudha's brave talk of her living with him in his tiny room could not materialize since it was not practical with her film commitments.

Though she was flooded with offers she had to choose such films which had respectable roles and not the regular hero chasing the heroine type and both of them singing songs while running around the trees.

But that did not change her star status. She did some truly memorable roles which nobody would have possibly created but for the changed situation post her marriage.

Sudha and Sudhir kept meeting at regular intervals but as time passed differences started creeping in. One of the reasons was that one of her past films which was a big hit was being made in hindi and the producer wanted only Sudha to do the role.

Though her role in this film was very good, being a regular masala movie with lots of emotions, dancing around and with some exposing, initially she was reluctant in doing it in continuation of her new resolve to do only respectable roles post her marriage and the enormous goodwill she had received.

But with all the tensions between them she wanted an escape factor. So she did the film, which brought her to hindi screen.

This created further rupture between them since with her hindi films she had to do the regular masala type roles to remain in competition and try to rise to the top of the hindi film ladder.

It was not a surprise then that they went to the divorce court within a short few months thereafter.


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To be continued...

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