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Murder Most Foul - 19

by Bala

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Accordingly, Ram conducted the first session of his lesson and made it appear as if it would be easy for Raj to learn the sport if he put in his efforts enthusiastically.

After the first session was over Ram praised Raj and said that even though he was a little clumsy Raj would pick up the sport quickly. Raj was pleased and promised that he would regularly attend the learning sessions with Ram.

Having carried out the first step of his master plan, Ram began to fine tune the next part of the plan.

After three or four easy sessions he would make Raj work very hard for the following couple of lessons.

He would see to it that Raj would become very weak after completing those sessions especially because Ram would more or less wreck Raj's shoulders badly so that he would not be able to fight with him even if he wished.

But as a precaution he would fore warn Raj that these two sessions would be hard and so at the end of those sessions he would feel tired and weak for a couple of days.

To remove any suspicions in his mind he would give the option to Raj to exempt himself from those sessions if he was not keen for such sessions and if he had any important work to be done on the following couple of days after those sessions.

If he agreed to go ahead with those sessions and as planned Ram would make him weak, Raj's suspicion would not fall on Ram!

Prior to that he would make sure that Maya and Rachna would vanish from the area for some 10 to 12 days on the pretext that they got scared of him.

Actually his plan was to "finish off" Raj after the last session and he did not want the presence of either Maya or Rachna in his area since they could be called as witnesses later on in the event the police started suspecting Ram for the murder of Raj.

Once he succeeded in making Ram weak in his shoulder area so that he could not use his hands in their usual capacity he would quietly sneak into Raj's room late in the night or early the following morning when no other persons were awake and he would give a mild chloroform treatment with the effect that he would be slightly drowsy and would not become unconscious.

With Raj in that slightly drowsy condition, he would suggest to him that he would take him to a good restaurant and feed him some nice food even if he protested. Then he would make him walk gently holding Ram's hands to the place where he normally parked his auto rickshaw.

For this particular day he would park the auto at a slightly distant place as compared to his normal parking spot so that if Ram found anybody looking out and finding that both were going out so early in the morning he would tell them he was taking Raj to the beach since he wanted fresh air. The beach was at walking distance from Raj's chawl and so there was no need for an auto and hence this precaution of parking his auto at a further distance than normal!

Sudhir's disposal would be more tricky than Raj's.

After following him a good number of times he found out that he shuttled between Mumbai and Ahmedabad twice a week. Hence he planned to follow the heavy chloroform treatment to him and finish the job.

The plan worked very well so that when Sudhir walked out to the toilet in the Gujarat Mail from Ahmedabad to Mumbai it was around 4 am, excellent time as far as Ram was concerned since no one else was awake at that time.

Ram waited till Sudhir went into the toilet. After he came out a little later Ram caught him unexpectedly threatening him menacingly with his knife and before he could do anything he had applied the heavy chloroform treatment to him with the result that Sudhir collapsed to the floor almost instantly.

After checking whether anybody else was there in the passage and finding none he quickly opened the carriage door and flung his inert body out of the door to the kilometer long Vasai creek below the tracks after removing all his belongs: purse, watch, gold chain, his glasses, ring as also his shirt, pant and banion so as to remove any identification marks on them which could be traced to him..

He quickly closed the carriage door and went away from that compartment and to his compartment some coaches away.

Being heavily sedated Sudhir would have been unable to swim in the creek and would have sunk deep into the water. He would have died due to the inhalation of water continuously and the lungs having been completely filled up with the water.

The Vasai creek water flows into the Arabian Sea so that his body would have gone further and further away from the shore.

Dead bodies normally get washed back to the shore after some 3 or 4 days but his body was not found to be washed back to the shore afterwards. Whether sea animals ate away his body or due to whatever other reasons his body could not be recovered afterwards.

Police officers on getting complaints from Sudha, Pritam and Sudhir of threatening sms messages tried their best to trace the callers, but drew a blank.

To be continued.....

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