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Murder Most Foul - 20

by Bala

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After disposing of Sudhir's body satisfactorily, Ganga Ram went back to his room and waited for an opportunity to carry out his operation on Raj, but to his bad luck, Raj went into hiding since police were on their look out to arrest him on some pending cases.

After dodging the police for a week or so, Raj escaped to the gulf countries on a fake passport as per the information he got through his contacts so that Raj was alive and well somewhere in the middle east.

Because Raj was alive Sudhir's murder could not be solved by the police, since they could not pin the murder on either Sudha or on Pritam for the simple reason that they had not murdered him!

The police could not plant any evidence against them in an attempt to make it look as if they had planned and executed the murder.

And to add to their frustrations, they could not connect Ganga Ram with the crime since there was absolutely no connection between him and Sudhir. Hence Ganga Ram had no enmity with him and hence no motivation to eliminate Sudhir.

So the question that arises in our mind is :

Is there something like bad karma as suggested by spiritual leaders?

Perhaps it may be true.

Sudhir was a very good man, he was a law abiding person, he had not done any harm to anybody, he did not have any fight with anybody and so there was no reason for him to suffer a violent death due to enmity against anybody.

If we search for a modern scientific reason for his tragic end one can only say that his death was a "freak" incident.

When somebody murders another person due to a mistaken identity, it can be called a "freak" incident.

But his death was due to a deliberate and systematic planning and executed in a cold blooded manner.

The End

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Nov 18, 2013
Minor mistake noted
by: Bala

I found a minor mistake near the end, in the sentence - "Hence Ganga Ram had no enmity with him and hence no motivation to eliminate Sudhir."

Please read it as follows - "Since Ganga Ram had no enmity with him and hence no motivation to eliminate Sudhir."

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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