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My most unforgettable moment

by Rashmi Kaushik
(Noida, India)

My first rasoi after marriage was a very sweet experience as my mother in law had made the kheer and I just had to serve it, for which everyone showered praise which I didn't deserve. I had never entered the kitchen before marriage and was totally clueless about the dals and masalas. I was introduced to the variety of pulses, array of masalas and how to mix them with the various dishes, all after marriage. How to cut the vegetables, the ratio of water and rice, the grinding of spices were all new  for me. So the very first time when I made 'lauki' it was a hilarious experience. I made the vegetable as my mom-in-law had taught me. Everyone sat down for dinner with a lot of expectations. Hubby dear somehow developed acidity so he didn't eat. My mom-in-law ate it but didn't say anything. I was feeling quite apprehensive but my father-in-law finished his dinner and praised my cooking.

After sometime he called me to his room and very lovingly told me that ' beta the vegetable was very tasty but next time when you make it, please peel it also. I turned red with embarrassment. How did he manage to eat it with so much patience was beyond my understanding, but his gesture really touched my heart.

After so many years of marriage and churning out dishes which my family relishes a lot, I still can't forget that 'lauki' which I had made. I am quite adept at making a lot of tasty dishes now but that particular incident is still very fresh in my mind and whenever I recall it I am filled with gratitude towards my father-in-law who always treated me like his daughter.


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