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by Soma Bose
(Pune, India)

The enormous starlit sky was divided-
As it was marred by a dark strip of cloud-figure,
Suddenly,the heat of stars was receded-
The cloud appeared like a wide unlit ribbon upon there.
We felt a dark coolness with rushing up darkness,
An unexpected wave of air-
and a raging river with a sound of thunder-
and a fire-bolt of lightning cracked the darkness.

Rain started to fall fast-
There was no star's visual impact,
But I felt a sudden warmth all around-
as a strong wind was whipping round
and cloud was drifting away-
The rain stopped and sky started smoldering with stars' sway.

Like the sky-
Cheer and cry-
are the constant instincts of human-
Sometimes,we cheer with happiness
and sometimes we get paralyzed with sorrow or pains.


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