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News cum life paper

by Komal Mqru
(Bikaner, Rajastan, India)

So, you're probably reading a newspaper along with a cup of tea or may be travelling in a local train eating something wrapped with newspaper. You could be using it in any other interesting way. The fact of the matter is you should know the purpose of the newspaper in your chronology.

Now you must be thinking, that beside getting information what are the other perimeters of newspapers.

You would be glad to know that it serves a versatile functions, for some it is just a matter of gaining information but for some it is their livelihood and for some it is a way to explore themselves. With different ages, different professions, different adversities newspaper serves a different purpose. A person, reading newspaper is basically getting information about several things, it could be of social, religious, cultural, political or any other mankind issues. But for different sort of people it might be a source of employment like advertisements which can be for any product, any educational institute, restaurants or any other thing which create a huge impact on their respective customers. They also advertise jobs which enables employment to many people, it contains one complete page dedicated for finding jobs. Various recruiters offers jobs and it could be in Healthcare sector, teaching, finance and many more. And of course it also provides a day job to the person who provides you newspaper daily on time. Besides this it plays an important role for those who are preparing for competitive exams and it provides a good lead to them. It is beneficial to those who are finding their soulmates as it contains a different column for matrimony. It might be useful people business as it have information related to share market and finance. It contains a complete page dedicated to sports related activities. These are the common uses of newspaper which we all know.

But it is also a source of exploring one's mind as it have special corners for special beings. Along with newspapers there are other weekly or monthly magazines which contain different articles, stories, poems and other stuffs which enhances and inspires people to increase their capabilities to do something creative. It not provides children a great deal of fun but provides a huge platform for writing poetry, stories, articles and even food recipes which people enjoy and it owns a very friendly, optimistic and positive approach for connecting people. Even old newspapers are of great use. Children are the chief user of these. It is molded into boats in monsoons and airplane in windy day, used as a ball in lunch breaks and even making best out of waste competitions newspapers are the prime material. In the era of busy and digitalized world, it holds all social, religious and cultural aspects together. When a student tops an exam and sees his picture on the very first page of newspaper, he's full of pleasure and enthusiasm to do better. When a sports person sees himself in newspaper holding a medal for his country, he's full of pride and feel so motivated to achieve more success. It inspires young minds to dream big and motivates them to fulfill their dreams.

So newspaper are not merely a bunch of papers, it is a life itself.

Even after life, a person's obituary is printed on newspapers.

As, life is what we make it! And this journey begins with a series of steps. Keep going, make mistakes and learn something new each day.

You should know, what aspect of newspaper is for you! Do you?


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