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Our Little Bundle of Joy

by Parvathy
(Bangalore, India)

Finally the wait is over. I will get to see my son. How we longed to have our baby and how destiny changed it all in the split of a second. Life had so many surprises in store for us. Mike, you are not with me today when i welcome our baby home. It's not fair, but I will make sure he calls you Daddy as you always wanted.

"Are you sure dear?" Papa asked again. I assured him-"Everything will be alright Papa, don't worry."
"But a single mother raising a child is not easy in our society, especially when you are a widow and the child is adopted."

I kept calm. All these thoughts crossed my mind a thousand times and the more you worry about something, the less confident you become. I am through it..done with all these.."Yes Papa, I have thought about it and we want it."

"What we? Are you insane? Why don't you just accept the fact that past is past and you are not doing justice to yourself? Mike is gone and you have to deal with it. I understand you wanted it then. Live in the present. It's not that you both want it now. Wanted something in the past and wanting it now makes hell lot of difference, my child".

"Papa please.."Don't you remember how shattered you were when mom left us?" You were at least prepared for it. You were so alone. Still you had a reason to move on..Me and Maria. But what reason do I have? I know Papa, it violates the norms of the society, may be I could cause you embarrassment.."

"No my dear.. not at all..I am not worried about what others would say.. I am just too worried about how you can manage it all alone"-

Papa is right in his own way ..I know.

"I just want you by my side and nothing in the world can stop me" I pouted ..Tears came rolling down my cheeks.. Oh no ..I don't want to cry. At least today let me be happy and welcome my baby home..My life is going to be different now on..I hope.

"Have you decided his name?" Papa asked.

"Yeah- Joe Michael". I remember Mike wanted to name our baby Joe. He had told
me. Oh my.. how we planned everything..We both were madly in love and had just started mending our dreams together. He was so excited all through my pregnancy he took care of me when I had all those swollen legs. terrible mood swings and those midnight cravings..He once even got up in the middle of the night and cooked pasta..It was horrible..Poor thing. How he wanted me to be happy all the time..but destiny played a very unfair game and our entire world changed upside down in just a fraction of a second-If not for the recklessness of the lady on the bike, that accident wouldn't have happened and we both ..not both..we three would have been together here..with many more memories and more photo frames on the walls which seem too empty now."

"Someone will bring him now..I know you both are eagerly waiting to see him"-The caretaker of the orphanage was a thin old lady in a blue dress with a welcoming smile on her face .

"Yeah I am very excited...In fact I have brought him a sweater knit by my mother-in-law for her grandson.I want my child to wear it when he enters his home"...Dad was too surprised..I know.. "Knit by mother-in-law?”

"Again my dear?"Dad is very upset I am still living in the past. I am just trying to connect my past with my present and future to make my life easy..but he just doesn't get it."

"Papa, she had knit it for our son. But he never got a chance..I want to relive all those moments I thought would never happen..please."

Papa nodded his head..I could see him wipe his tears and slowly the door opened..there he tiny little Joe.

I ran across the door, hugged him and kissed him ..God knows how many times. His cute little eyes are glowing..oh my ..that cute little smile of Joe..Daddy is watching you from heaven. He too would be too happy to see you with Mommy.

Oh Jenny, please don't start again..I told myself.

Papa helped me with his tiny green sweater and I realised..yes this is exactly what I wanted and I am a proud Mommy and Mike is now a proud Daddy."Congratulations Jenny and Mike"..I whispered and kissed our little bundle of joy.

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Mar 15, 2017
by: h.hty

Some times the sweet moments are in the absence of sweet ones.

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