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Pavani of Pavanpur - contd

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

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As a result of Pavani’s frequent meetings with Nandan, both had developed intimacy. Nandan was a Tamilian and Pavani was a Kannadiga. The language was not a barrier between them. She read the lines in the book about love. ‘Love has no boundaries or rules. Speak your mind, say what you feel. Embrace this beautiful life.’

The relationship of Pavani and Nandan was observed by Meera. Initially, she was not happy with her daughter. One day, Meera enquired her daughter about the love affair with Nandan.
“Pavani, I am closely observing your free movements with Nandan. Are you aware that some people in our locality are spreading news of your love story in a different way? If you like Nandan I have no objection.”

“Mom, Don’t get yourself confused. Our love is pure love. I like his nature, attitude, and behaviour. He is a perfect match for me. I am waiting for your blessings."


Exactly after one month of the opening of garment unit, Keshav met his sister Meera and insisted his marriage with Pavani. Meera advised him to forget Pavani and marry another girl. He left the place with great disappointment. Keshav wanted to meet Pavani and marry her by force. He planned a meeting with her in a lonely place. He took the help of two members of Chakrapani Garment Industry.

Pavani was brought to a lonely place. Keshav arrived at the spot. Heated arguments took place between Pavani and Keshav. He tried to convince Pavani that he had no serious disease and he was healthy. When their conversation was in progress all the staff of the garment unit arrived with the police. Keshav became scary. He was arrested and brought to the police station. He gave up the idea of marrying Pavani. Keshav was kept in the police custody for further interrogation.

“Mom, you are great. You have proved that the daughter is the most affectionate than the brother,” Pavani told her mother.

"Pavani, I am proud of you," said mother.

The Love birds Nandan and Pavani joined together as life partners shortly.

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Apr 04, 2019
Think Proper And Decide
by: Vaman Acharya

The short story is revolving round Pavani. Her strengths and weaknesses are focussed here. Entrepreneurship was the God gift quality bestowed on Pavani. She had the wonderful skill to plan and get the work done. Pavani was efficient to manage the garment unit. Her plan to get rid of Keshav was successful.
She lacs the thinking power to decide the right and wrong. Meera tried to convince her daughter about Keshav. But Pavani was not ready to listen. Her behaviour with mother was rude. The proper course for Pavani was to act with patience and respond to her mother in a proper manner. She was not supposed to hurt the feelings of her mother. Instead of choosing an adamant attitude, she should have shown sympathy towards her mother. She failed to exercise caution in such a situation. It would have been proper if she had waited for some more days to get all the information about Keshav. Meera swallowed bitter things for the sake of her beloved daughter Pavani.

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