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by Shambhavi Deshpande
(Panaji, India)


Who are you in your SUVs and Sedans
With tinted windows and AC on blast,
To tell us that heat is a natural phenomenon?
That climate change is NOT REAL?
But an illusion created by
overly indulged young adults,
Who have nothing better to do?

Do you see it?
My home is burning.
The charred walls scream your name.
All my memories, turning into smoke
Beg to be saved
And so do I.

Do you see it?
My city is flooding.
The tiny kid who ran after his paper boat
Never made it back home.
His mother mourned outside your door,
And you never took any of us in.

Do you see it?
My people are suffocating,
Gasping for clean air, for life.
The air smells plastic.
While your houseplants are busy
With photosynthesis.

Do you see it?
My forest is wailing,

The mountains are crashing down,
Like sand slipping out of fingers.
And with every tree uprooted,
You sink deeper into your leather chair.

Do you see it?
This is the end.

So don't tell us outcasts that
Climate change is not real.
And when you throw a penny at mother earth
Because you want to win the election
Or a seat at the board,
Don’t you dare say
That you're doing your best
Because none of us is.


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Jul 22, 2020
True indeed
by: Your Name:Tony Costa

True Indeed
But are we doing anything about it
Or are we in the guise of restrictions
Keeping our voices locked down

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