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Pieces Of Me

by Sarmishtha De
(Assam, India)

Wall full of crumpled paint,
No help from words of saint.

Mind Dumped with all trash,
No space left -
Shut and fit into a case.

Heart pumps and yawns,
A feeling long gone,
A soul wandering alone.

Morning alarm snoozes on,
Curtain half open,
Its still dawn,
Lights seeped in,
Stirred the dull air of my room,
And I see the paints falling down.

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May 29, 2013
Thank you !!!
by: Sarmishtha De

Thank you very much ma’am for your comment.
Of course I would love to throw light on my poem. It is about being stuck in monotonous chaos within oneself and then lost in the quest of solution. And at the verge of taking the situation for granted, an underrated entity sparks a change.

May 28, 2013
by: nuggehalli pankaja

Yes,this is really a thought-provoking poem'
especially the sentence about
A soul wandering alone...
It will be good if the readers analyze? And the poetess elaborate a bit?

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