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Play - Forest Drums

By Prema Sastri

Cast of Characters

Ramu (M) Age 13 years,Nitin (M) Age 12 years,Sheela (F) Age 10 years,Jani (F) Age 8 years,Shyam (M) Age 13 years,Rinoo (F) Age 9 years,Harvey (M) Age 14 years,Rose (F) Age 13 years

Tree, Lion, Tiger, Doe, Elephant, Monkey, Dog, Raindrops, Minnies, Rogos and Other Animals.

Total cast – 15 and more.

Note on Production:

This is a play heavy on production values. The director can decide on the number of players he or she wants to use. The script calls for psychedelic lighting, exotic music, visual effects, dance, music and action. It needs a large stage.

Scene: 1 - A forest, Time - Late afternoon

The present : Children enter forest. They seem lost. They look around. They scatter.

Sheela: Where are we?

Ramu: Not far from the park.

Jani: This doesn’t look like a park to me.

Nitin: We are lost.

Ramu: According to my map, we should be in Butterfly Park.

Sheela: I don’t see any butterflies.

Nitin: Ramu! I told you not to wander away from the others. The main lawns had plenty of space.

Ramu : You were the one who said it was boring playing ball with the group.

Sheela: I liked being with the group.

Ramu : You were the one who wanted to see butterflies. Nitin wanted to catch them.

Sheela: My friend told me there were beautiful butterflies at the edge of the park. She said they came like clouds;red,yellow and purple. As big as her hand. (Raises hand and opens palm)

Nitin: I want them for my nature samples.That`s why I brought my butterfly net.[Holds up butterfly net which he is carrying.]

Jani: There is nothing here but some ugly old moths. I want to go back.

Sheela: Let us go back.

Ramu : O.K. Lets see where we are (Takes out paper from pocket. Here is the map of the park. Now this is where we are.

Nitin: (Looking over his shoulder). It doesn’t look like it. It says Lotus Pond. Where’s the Pond? There’s only bushes and dried leaves.

Ramu : It must be further on. It’s here on the map.

Nitin: I bet you can’t read a map. Let’s go back the way we came.

Sheela: Which way is that? We have been going around in circles.

Jani:: We’re lost. The others would have left without us.

Nitin: They won’t do that.

Jani: I want my mother.

Sheela: Shut up. This is a small park. We’ll soon find our way back.

Nitin:: If not the teachers will send out a search party. Let’s look around.

Jani: I’m afraid.

Ramu: Let’s shelter under this Tree.

The group takes shelter under a Tree. It rains.

Children come on stage dressed as raindrops.

Dance of the Raindrops

The rain, the rain does not come in vain.
For it sings
It sings. It sings
It rings. It rings
The leaves the grass the flowers the Trees
All are helped by the gentle breeze
To drink the water so cool
To rise to rise to look up to the skies as the water fills a pool.

We are raindrops, beautiful raindrops;
Raindrops so fresh and clean.
We fall upon the earth;
We sing with joy and mirth;
To make the land so green.
Raindrops, Raindrops, Beautiful, Beautiful Raindrops, Raindrops.


................ Will be continued.../- Forest Drums - Part II