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Ramu's Grandmother

by Shraddha Gupta

Once upon a time, there was a little boy Arjun who lived with his grandmother. He loved his grandmother very much; and he stayed with her since the time his parents were no more in this world. One day while playing, he broke a glass in his house by mistake; and got very badly hurt.

Seeing his grandson hurt, the grandmother was very upset. She started crying, and she wept inconsolably. She took immense concern of this condition of Arjun’s and helped in healing his injury. She took very good care of him when he was unable to walk without support and even fed him food at regular intervals. She forgot her own needs and luxuries; and devoted herself to curing the boy. The love between them grew deeper as time passed by. Grandmother lovingly nurtured Arjun during his formative years.

Soon, time flew and Arjun grew up to be a young, college going boy. One day, his friend Ramu asked Arjun to accompany him to the shopping mall. When he asked his grandmother’s permission for it; she simply said no. She told him that he was too small for going out alone with friends at least at present. She felt he should grow up and become more responsible for her to allow him to do as he pleases.

Time flew. After five years, Arjun became old enough to decide for himself what he wanted to do. To make his career, he wanted to go abroad. When informed, grandmother became very upset. She felt all had ended for her in her life. But career aspirations took Arjun far away from the lady, who until now took great care of him.

Slowly, days turned into months. Life for grandmother became lonelier and miserable after Arjun left. Two years later, Arjun came back to see his grandmother. When he entered her room, he saw that she was lying on her bed. An aura of silence had filled the room. When Arjun went closer, he saw his grandmother was dead. After that, Arjun’s house became a silence forever.

Another case of practicality winning over relationships.

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Feb 10, 2012
Good theme...
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Your story has a message which can be further elaborated into a longer and more detailed and descriptive story. Write on...

Feb 08, 2012
Your story
by: Sneha

Beautiful piece of work. Write on...!

Feb 07, 2012
by: Lakshmi

welcome to iww community.

A sad and meaningful story, well told.

Hope to read more from you.

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