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by Sudha
(Dallas, TX, USA)

Dear, he asks, what color on the wall
Blue here, green on that one
I think this will go well, what do you think
Clasped hands, picking and choosing

Dear, he asks, what drapes on the window
Mmm…maybe we could go tonight
Choose the rod, the cloth, don’t you think?
Clasped hands, feeling the fabric

Dear, he asks, does the ceiling fan stay?
Well, it can go but didn’t we spend on it
Can we reuse, think about it
Clasped hands, let it stay

Drapes, fan, wall color, mundane things
Let him give her the pleasure
If it is his mother on the phone,
Let go, his hand now raised to silence
Hers covering her thoughts.

Renovate, we can, only what we must.


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