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Shame and Other Poems

by Rohini Kottu
(Mumbai, India)

By Rohini Kottu

Whose shame is it? We all know.
Yet, the sinner is free to go.
Amongst silent murmurs and whispers,
Her soul glisters.

But her head hangs in shame,
Was it really her to blame?
Her soul is like a white cloud,
Head hanging low but still proud.

The shame is feminine and deep,
But is it only hers to keep?
Her nightmares are gone and her soul never sleeps.
Revenge is a promise a girl should keep.

She haunts the skies,
Her curse frightens every eye.
It was just the silence before the storm.
Now, she haunts every life, thereupon.


Bombarding Silence
By Rohini Kottu

Footsteps and voices echo,
But no one says hello!
In a room full of Pineapples,
I feel like an Apple.

Everyone talks,
While I am still like a rock.
I am forced to smile,
As long as a mile.

I crave for silence,
But this room is too intense.
I am silent,
Does that mean I am insolent?

I feel anxious,
But people are oblivious.
Some people ignore,
But some want more.

I am tired and exhausted,
Everyone is still excited!
I long to go home,
And be all alone.


By Rohini Kottu

A never-ending hole,
full of darkness.
Not a single soul in sight.
Is this what death feels like?
Falling through the night,
body is light,
but still nothing in sight.
Is this what death feels like?
Mind is mute,
Yet you hear a musical flute.
But you know,
You are alone this route.
Is this what death feels like?


The Skirt
By Rohini Kottu

Denim, velvet, cotton or chiffon,
The wearer has always been a pawn.

Bright and pretty colored,
But she gets crushed under the muller.

Day or night,
Wearing the skirt is a fright!

Her legs may invite and excite,
And be quite a sight!

If her skirt is thigh-high,
Her modesty is awry.

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Nov 14, 2019
Loved it
by: Shailendra Chari

I loved reading all of your above poetry. Keep writing. All the Best!

Dec 31, 2018
by: Your Name:

Great stuff Rohini. Looking forward to your upcoming poems and writings. Keep it up❤️

Dec 30, 2018
Beautiful ❤
by: Samreen vanu

So well written❤ keep up the good work!! 👍

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