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Sight of Love

by Khushboo Khilwani

Rainy day it was, the silent street, sticky mud carpet, dimmed lights, drops of rain shimmered on green leaves and flowers of the trees, jumping frogs and chilly breeze.

Under the transparent umbrella walked a beautiful, fair and charming young girl named Rose, dressed in pink little frock teamed with pink slippers. Along with her was a handsome, smart and caring young boy Jon, dressed in blue Denims and a red T-shirt teamed up with Flip Flop footwear. Both enjoyed the pleasure to be under one umbrella with the romantic atmosphere created by God, as if only for them.

Suddenly, Rose slipped in to the small pit and the muddy water splashed all over her clothes and face. Hmm! How true is the saying "Love is Blind!" Jon laughed at her and she smiled at him. He gave a helping hand to her but she dint lift her hand up.

"Oh come on! Don't be angry give me your hand," he requested.

"Okay sorry! I will not laugh at you now, Give me your hand and standup, Come on!" he said smiling.

She still didn't lift her hand up and Jon waited for a moment but she just kept staring, Jon skipped himself in to the water and the water splashed on his clothes and face too, he laughed.

"Rose, now even you can laugh at me, fair enough," said Jon.

"Silly! Why did you skip in to the Pit? I was not angry coz you laughed at me, I slipped in to the water on my elbows and all my weight was on both my elbows and it terribly hurt me, I am not able to lift my hand up, my feet is also paining." She cried.

"Oh God, It hurts you so much, then why were you smiling?" He giggled.

"Coz you smiled Jon," said the innocent girl in a timid voice.

"Aaaaawwweeee! My sweet heart, give me a hug," said Jon.

"You give me a hug stupid, I can't lift my arms around you," Rose was still in pain.

"Yah Sorry", he said and put his arms around her.
He got up from the pit and picked her up from the pit.

"I will drop you, you are too heavy? he teased her.

She lifted her hand up and hit him on his chest.

"AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" She cries in pain.

"See When I get hurt, you feel the pain!" smiled Jon.

The End

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Feb 24, 2012
by: khushboo khilwani

Thank you Amirji for motivating me to write a better story next time…
You should have read the title before reading the story. It says “SIGHT OF LOVE” which means just one sight. Now it depends on an individual what they prefer to see in that sight…

Feb 23, 2012
Sight of love
by: Amir

Story is right.Not so good and extremly short.It was like a street disscusion.

Nov 19, 2011
Thank you
by: khushboo

Thank you for reading…

Innocent love…Exactly! That’s what the story expresses and love should always be innocent.

Shaheen … thank you shaheen

Stay tuned on IWW

Until next time…


Nov 15, 2011
a lovely and romantic story
by: Anonymous

Dear Khushboo you have written a mindblowing story this story is came from your bottom of heart congrates!!! and keep it up waiting more for such type of stories to read in near future.............
By shaheen

Nov 10, 2011
Innocent love...
by: Kamini

what an innocent was of expressing love....very nicely writtennn can be felt by heart....

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