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by Rakhi Wadhwani
(Mumbai, India)

A signature a day keeps the worries away
Without a signature, there would be so much delay
Banks are run, brokers have fun,
Work gets done on a signature
Votes are won, Rivals become one.
Responsibilities are shunned on a signature.
A signature is the weapon of tee witty man,
To prosecute and to protect is what it can.
With a signature, life and death can be interchanged.
With a signature, any compensation can be claimed.
Signatures can play a dirty game.
Especially, when two signatures look the same
a man with a signature stands first in the line
a man without has to play penalty and fine.
Today, your stars may have the shine
tomorrow; one signature may force you to resign.
Everything was your's till yesterday night,
Now with your signature, everything is mine.
A signature can turn a thief into a treasurer.
A signature can convert a creditor into a debtor
A signature is a loophole to every law
A signature can cover or convert any flaw
Donations are paid, students get grades,
Admissions are made on a signature
Nations get aid, Traitors get grade,
Orders are stayed on a signature.
After writing this poem, I practiced hard on my signature
because a signature is what discriminated a man from a creature.


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