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Smiles of Meera

by Svatee Bedi
(Mumbai, India)

The day dawned to the smiles of Meera. And why would it not be, after all Aryan was returning home.

Meera and Aryan had known each other for the past 5 years after Aryan’s family had moved in across the street..They had been in love and wanted to marry each other. Six months ago, Aryan’s company had sent him to the U.S. for a project and today he was returning to India. Meera was really excited to meet him. Her happiness knew no bounds.The flight would be landing in another hour and both of them had a plan to meet in the evening.

Today,she would even ask Aryan to speak to her parents about their marriage, as talks of Meera’s marriage were going on in the family.

She looked forward to the evening. Even her mother was happy to see her smiling,though she didn’t know the reason.

Once Aryan’s flight landed,he called Meera.
“Hiiii Meera”
“Aryaaan…I am so happy you called.I want to meet you,” said Meera.
“Yes Meera,let's meet at the same place.”
“I missed you so much.”
“Me too.”
Aryan disconnected the call. She felt really happy on hearing his voice,and was very excited to meet him.

The day passed really slowly,every passing minute Meera felt that the day wouldn’t end ever.
Finally,her wait got over and she dressed up in the new red dress,she had got last week. Meera was looking really pretty.
Meera and Aryan met each other in the evening. On seeing him,she gave him a big smile and a tight hug. Aryan also smiled on seeing her,but at the same time looked a little tense too.

Meera sensed his tension and asked him the reason for the same.
“Meera,I am getting married,”Aryan’s lips quivered while saying this.
“But…..”, Meera didn’t know what to say.
She looked towards him,with tears in her eyes. Her mind suddenly went blank.
“Aryan,you had promised me.You wanted to marry me right?”
“I had,but Mom and Dad have fixed my marriage.”
“When? You didn’t tell me,” Meera said looking towards him and holding his hand tightly.
“One month ago,and I am getting married next week.”
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Meera asked him with tears in her eyes.
“Meera,it all happened in such a hurry…that I couldn’t talk to you about it. Don’t worry we will stay friends.” Aryan tried to persuade her.
knew this for the past one month,” Meera was getting angry with every passing minute.
“How can he do this to her,after 5 years of being together”,was the only thought coming to her mind with every passing second.
“Have you only come to India,for your wedding?She asked.
“Yes.”Aryan said slowly.
“Aryan,I love you. We had plans,don’t do this to me.” Meera couldn’t control her tears anymore.
“Its not in my hands now Meera. Please understand.”
“Do you love me Aryan?” Meera asked looking towards him,her heart was beating fast.

Aryan kept quiet and just stood blank.
Meera understood everything,and decided to leave from there.Aryan kept on calling from behind but,Meera didn’t look at him. Her mind was numb and she didn’t know what to think or do.
Meera was totally devastated. She felt her life had no meaning anymore. She loved him a lot and couldn’t imagine her life without him.

In the next week,Meera tried calling Aryan many times but,didn’t get any response to her calls.

Even her parents realized that there was something wrong with her,and tried asking her but,she didn’t tell them anything. Meera’s smile had got lost somewhere.

Finally,the day of Aryan’s marriage came.
There was a lot of hustle and bustle in Aryan’s home,with relatives and friends around. And there was dead silence in Meera’s home.The lively Meera was really quiet for the past one week.

“Meera,get ready.We have to go to Aryan’s wedding.The Barat is about to leave.” Meera’s mother called her.
“I don’t want to go Mummy,You go.”Meera said.
“What happened Meera,why are you so quiet for the past few days?”
“Nothing.Everythig is Ok.”
“Then why don’t you want to come with us for the wedding? You both are such good friends.”
“No Mummy.You go.I have to study.”
“Ok,as you wish.”

Meera could hear the music of the baraat in the distance.
Once all the commotion of the baraat was gone,and the street was silent as always. Meera stepped out from her home,dressed up in the same red dress she wore on meeting Aryan.

She went to the beach. The beach was lonely with no soul to be seen.Meera went near the sea,took a deep breath, closed her eyes,and spread out her arms. She moved ahead towards the sea. The waves touched her feet.

And two hours later,once again the beach was lonely with no soul to be seen.


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May 04, 2016
Heart-breakingly Beautiful...
by: Samir

Beautifully written, Svatee... Loved it...

Apr 17, 2015
too Good
by: shalini Shukla

Very Nice.. Best of Luck

Apr 16, 2015
by: Vishal

Very good story

Apr 16, 2015
very touching
by: Jyoti kokate

Good Svatee.. Very good

Apr 07, 2015
nice n touching story
by: vandana

Good attempt...
Keep it up

Apr 07, 2015
Very touching & emotional story...!!
by: Rasika

Too Good Svatee...:)

Apr 07, 2015
very touching
by: Neelam

Meera remain silent for ever

Apr 06, 2015
by: Ishita

Really touched by this short story:)

Apr 06, 2015
Good Read
by: Lakshey

Good Read

Apr 06, 2015
by: Neha

Really Touching

Apr 06, 2015
beautifully woven emotions
by: Mohit

Wish it had a happy ending.. But life's not always least not for those who are in true love..
Thanks Svatee for lovely story.

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