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Some Days and Other Poems

by Anupama Kadwad
(Mumbai India)

Some Days
By Anupama Kadwad

There are some days
when I feel like I’m in a trance
keep doing the routine things
but heart and mind are not into it.

There are some days
when I feel very excited
even small petty things
bring joy and happiness

There are some days
which though ordinary
seem to be special
with renewed zeal
I move forward

There are some days
when everything seems to go wrong
though cautiously I dwell
they keep pulling me backwards

But I’m always glad for a new day
think myself lucky to add a day to my life
I hold the key to make it happy or sad
the way I deal with it will determine my path.


By Anupama Kadwad

Golden waves cascading down her back
hidden secrets in the turquoise depths
twig like arms protruding out of the bulky ensemble
She outshines in her rags than any other person.
Battered rucksack her only belonging
knows not if her birth was a curse or blessing
wonders if any soul misses her ever
The one who left her at the altar
Alone at the mercy of strangers
Every night when sleep slowly claims her tired bones
slender fingers with chipped nails hold on tight to the thin covering
A soft whisper pierces her subconscious mind
Princess sleep well
This day has passed by
A bright dawn awaits you.


By Anupama Kadwad

It was a dark gloomy sky devoid of moon,
a curtain of pitch black darkness everywhere,
eerie chirping of the crickets, squeaking of a door, dogs barking,
there was an uncomfortable stillness in the woods;
howling of the winds, rustling of the tree branches.

With increased heartbeat I was running,
taking long strides, panting and huffing, away from the chasing hounds,
the fearful, scary unusual sounds.
suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder, with a jerk I came awake.

Oh! It was just an unusual dream.
what we also know as nightmare,
I thanked my stars for the safe haven of home, for the familiar surroundings,
the peaceful environment.
my eyes flew open seeking reality,
if only tough, bad phase in life were just nightmares.
in the blink of an eye which would vanish.


By Anupama Kadwad

Relationship takes a long time to develop,
With love and care they us envelop.
It is the bonding, the attachment, the trust, the commitment,
Differences of opinion will always exist,
Misunderstandings will often persist,
They take us further away from our loved ones.
Hurtful words will tend to create conflicts,
Make hazy the fond remembrance.
Stretch the gap and create loses,
Strong relationships with time flourish,
With care and affection they do nourish,
In every relationship we invest time and effort,
Trust and faith which will support.
With tender care try to maintain them.
For every relationship is more precious than a gem.

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