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Somewhere in 1989.....contd

by Vasantha Valli
(Suryapet, Telangana, India)

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That’s a Sunday afternoon. Ankita is in the home with Kajal, watching a comedy movie. Kriyansh is in an interview, busy promoting his new films. He comes home by 5 and wraps everything as soon as possible to be near his wife and take care of her. Now he asked Kajal to be near her as she is insisting to be near her sister-in-law. Suddenly, "Kajal" Ankita cried "I'm not able to bear the pain take me to the hospital."

"Bear for some time bhabhi. You'll be alright." Kajal took the car keys. She called Nisha for help. They both took her to the hospital.

Gautam and Kriyansh came to the hospital. Vikram, Kajal and Radha also came to the hospital. Ankita was taken to the labour room. Kriyansh is sitting numb. Gautam is tensed. Kajal is just walking; Vikram is sitting beside Kriyansh and is also tensed. After some time, they heard a cry from inside. "Jiju congratulations" Vikram hugged him. Kriyansh prayed to God and hugged him back "thank you Vikram."

The doctor came. Kriyansh rushed towards her. "Congratulations. It's a boy and a girl. Twins."

"Thank you so much doctor. I can't tell you more than this I'm really very happy." He said.

"We will shift her to the ward, and you can see them there." She went away. "Bhai" Gautam hugged him. Kriyansh hugged him back. Everyone congratulated him.

After some time, Ankita is shifted to the ward with the babies. First Kriyansh rushed into her room and Ankita woke up. "Anku thank you for these cute little diamonds. I promise that I will take care of them well."

"Kriyansh, I have a small thing in my mind" she said. "Yeah, Anku tell." He said. "Now we have non-identical twins. Nisha and Gautam lost everything that day. So shall
we give our child to them?" she asked him. "I was about to say this." He said and "yes of course we will.

They stay in our apartment, and we also can see our child daily."

"Thank you so much Kriyansh. You are the best." She said. Meanwhile Gautam and Nisha came to see. "Bhai I'll tell you something and if you are interested, please accept it." Kriyansh said. "Ha bhai, say" he said. "Now we have non-identical twins. You lost everything that day. So, we are thinking to give one child to you. No forcing" Kriyansh said. "Anki, are you sure?" Nisha asked. "Yes Nishu. I'm sure." Ankita said. "Thank you so much Anki. You are the best sister one could ever have." She hugged her. "Thank you bhai for giving me a cute little diamond" Gautam hugged Kriyansh. "So, we want a boy" Kriyansh said. "So, a princess for us Gautam" Nisha said. Meanwhile, Vikram, Kajal and Radha came inside.

“Something is going on Kaj.” Radha cocked her eyebrow. “Yes. This is a big news, Radha.”
Gautam said. “What’s that?” Radha asked. “You guys look so happy.”

“Bhai and bhabhi are ready to give their princess to us.” Gautam announced, circling his arm around Nisha’s waist. She leaned her head on his shoulder. “That’s great! Congratulations you two!” Kajal hugged them. “Oh My God! Di, I didn’t even think that you’ll do this! I’m so shocked.

Congratulations by the way.” Vikram hugged them. Radha is speechless. She is sobbing vigorously. Nisha and Gautam chuckled and gave her a hug.

After three months, the babies are named. Ankita and Kriyansh named their son as Akhil Saraansh Mehra whereas Nisha and Gautam named their daughter as Neethika Goenka. They waited for the siblings to grow up and become better individuals. Finally, when all is well that ends well.


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