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Somewhere in 1989
by Vasantha Valli
(Suryapet, Telangana, India)

Its a summer afternoon. Kids are playing in the open land which has been left for years. It became their favorite place to play. Ankita Desai, Nisha Desai, Kriyansh Mehra, Vikram Desai and Divya Agarwal are playing hide and seek. Its Vikram’s turn to count. Everyone went to hide in their favorite spots. “And 10. Ready or not? Here I come!” Vikram shouted and started searching for his group. He first saw Divya, who is hiding behind a huge neem tree. Next Nisha was found. She has been hiding behind a big ambassador car, outside the field. Ankita and Kriyansh are nowhere to be found. “Where is Anki?” Nisha mumbled. “We all know that she is in her 12th and Kriyansh loves her.” Divya said. “My sister too loves him.” Nisha defended her sister. “Of course, Nisha.” Vikram supported her. Nisha is in her 10th along with Divya. Vikram is in 11th.

After a lot of searching, finally they found the two lovebirds in an old un-worshipped temple. They’re walking hand in hand and spending time together. “Ahem.” Nisha coughed. “How did you find us Nishu?” Ankita asked, surprised. “We already knew it.” Divya winked. “Okay!” Ankita nervously grinned. “It’s getting late. We need to go.” Nisha reminded the time. “See you tomorrow everyone. Bye!” Vikram waved. Kriyansh’s sister came searching for him.

“Bhai, dad is searching for you.”

“Okay. Why?” Kriyansh got petrified. “He is taking us out for dinner.” She danced. “Yay!”

Kriyansh got excited. “Bye everyone.” They waved and everyone dispersed in a few seconds.

Somewhere in 1990:

That’s a Sunday morning. Ankita, Nisha and Vikram are eating their breakfast. Their mother is busy in the kitchen and their father went out for an office work. “Rani.” Father called. “Coming.” Mother ran out of the kitchen to help her husband. He washed his feet and hands before coming inside. It’s a routine for them. He looked dull. After he got settled with some tea in his hand, Mother asked, “what’s the matter?”

“I got transferred to another city.”

“Okay! When is the last working day here?” Mother asked without any complaining. Kids looked shocked. Especially Ankita, who must leave Kriyansh. “How will you disclose this to Kriyansh?” Nisha whispered. “Shh… Let’s talk about it later.” Ankita whispered back.

In the afternoon, after lunch, the kids were playing about the color combinations. “You are always wrong Kriyansh. Yellow and blue make green.” Ankita said for a last and final time, after losing all her patience. “No, I know that yellow and red make green.” Kriyansh again argued. “Okay then white and black make gray. Agree?” Divya said. “Agreed.” Everyone said in unison. “Then why do you argue that yellow and red make green?” Divya asked. “I will prove it to you.” Kriyansh got determined. “Before you go anywhere, we have an announcement to make.” Ankita said. Kriyansh calmed down. “What?”

“Our father got transferred. We’re leaving day after.”

“What?” Kriyansh got shocked. Ankita nodded. “I love you and I promise I’ll wait for you.”

“I love you too. I too promise that I’ll wait for you.”

“I hope wherever you are you achieve your dreams.”

“I hope you become the best fashion designer in the country.”

“Thank you so much for that. Its getting late. We need to pack. See you guys.” Ankita said, getting up with teary eyes. Kriyansh hugged her for a one last time. “I don’t think I’ll be able to handle this.”

“You are strong my love. You can handle this.”



Kriyansh is left with tears in his eyes as he is seeing Ankita, Nisha and Vikram leave. With Divya by his side, he resorted home.


That’s a routine Monday morning. Ankita is doing some chores in the kitchen. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Wondering who it is, "Yeah I'm coming!" She opened the door. It’s her dearest younger sister Nisha Desai Goenka.

"Nisha! After so many days!" She hugged her younger one and invited her inside. They sat down on the sofa. "Hey, I'll get some coffee. It has been a long time since we had a cup of coffee." Ankita said. Nisha stopped her. "You sit down. I'll prepare the coffee and you drink." Nisha got up. After a while she got the coffee. They had a chat over coffee.

After lunch, the doorbell again rang. Nisha was about to get up and Ankita stopped her. "You sit down. I'll open the door." She opened the door and for her surprise it is Ankita’s husband.

"You're finally home!" she shouted with joy and hugged him. “Welcome Jiju." Nisha welcomed her brother-in-law. Ankita’s husband is a superstar of Bollywood and heartthrob of many girls. He is always with an exhausting schedule. So now as he shot for his three news films with an exhausting schedule, he is finally home to see his pregnant wife.

He got fresh up and is talking to Nisha and having his cup of coffee. "So Jiju, what are you planning next?" Nisha asked. "I will not be committing any new movies till seven months Nisha. Ankita is pregnant. So, I should take care of her. But yeah! I will go for the promotions because they will be here in the city, and I won't go to other states leaving my wife here all alone." he said. Nisha nodded, looking at the wall clock. "Fine guys! I'll leave now."

"Okay. It's already 5:30 now. Gautam will be back from his promotions." He said and three of them hugged and waved to Nisha.

Gautam Goenka. An upcoming actor and a famous model. Nisha’s husband. He shot for his first film and is busy with the promotions which are in the city. Nisha and Gautam are a 30-minute drive away for Ankita and her husband.

She started her car and was driving on the main road. A lorry was coming in the opposite direction. The driver is drunk. He did not have any control over his driving due to excess of drinking. Nisha, who is two months pregnant, is honking the horn continuously to get the attention of the lorry driver. But it’s all in vain. Suddenly, everything went black. Her car got crushed. She got a major injury on her head and leg. She had a miscarriage. People came, took her out of that car, called the cops and took her to the hospital. One of Gautam’s fans recognized her, and the cops called her family members. Media people came for the coverage.

“Yeah! Shaanvika and Gracie did this.” Gautam laughed. He observed that his manager, Raghav is seriously speaking on the phone. He sensed something fishy. “Can we cut this here?”

“Sure.” The director of the talk show agreed. Gautam took a small pocket bottle and drank some water. He wiped his face with a wet wipe and walked towards Raghav. “What’s wrong?”

“Its…” Raghav hesitated to speak. “You know you can rely on me, right?” Gautam circled his arm around Raghav’s shoulder. “Nisha bhabhi met with an accident.”

Gautam collapsed. “What are you even speaking?”

“Yes Gautam. I am serious. She’s admitted in the hospital. But she’ll be alright. I’m sure.

Media people are covering everything. But you know how media is right? They exaggerate everything shown.”

“I need to be there with my family. Which hospital?” Gautam left his promotions and ran to the hospital.

“What do you think?” A light boy asked Raghav. “It’s a minor accident. Its necessarily being portrayed as a major one. She’s not even worth giving attention. See Gautam will be back for shoot tomorrow. She’ll be alright in a night.”

Gautam rushed into the hospital. He saw his family there. Nisha was kept in the ICU.

Gautam is devastated seeing his wife's condition. After some silence, "Bro! What happened?" he asked Ankita’s husband. He didn't respond. He listened to him, but he was consoling Ankita, as she is 2 months pregnant, and she should not take any stress and pain that time. "She met with an accident Gautam. Her head part and right leg are having major injuries. Doctor operated her. Bhai paid the bill. She also..." Kajal stopped. "Yes Kajal.

Common! Tell me what happened?" he asked. Kajal started crying. "Gautam please don't panic after telling this." Vikram said. "Okay! But what happened? Will anyone tell me?" he shouted, losing his patience. "Gautam she had a miscarriage." Radha Reddy, Nisha’s best friend, started crying.

Gautam fell by hearing this. Vikram caught him. Gautam cried all his heart out. Nisha and Gautam are married for a year.

Meanwhile the doctor came out of the ICU. Gautam immediately ran towards the doctor. "Doctor how is she now? Is she out of danger?" Gautam asked. "Actually, she is in coma now. We are trying our level best." The doctor went away. Gautam got shattered. He cried a lot. After a while, the nurse came for the check-up. "Can I go and see her." Gautam asked.

"Only one can go inside. No disturbance and no sound." The nurse said. She did some check-up and came out. Gautam ran inside. He took a stool and sat beside Nisha. He took her hand and sobbed.

Gautam, Ankita’s husband, Ankita and Kajal were there in the hospital for the whole night for Nisha and others went home to get food and clothes for them. Next day, again Gautam was allowed to go inside the ICU. After some time, he came out. "How is she bro?" Ankita’s husband asked. Gautam didn't reply. He understood and Ankita woke up. "How is she Gautam?" she asked. "Same like that." He replied. Ankita again started crying. Kajal started consoling her.

Meanwhile Gautam got a call. "Yeah!" he got frustrated. "Gautam are you coming to the promotions today?" Raghav asked. Gautam’s anger reached peaks. "My wife is in the hospital. The doctors are not sure whether she lives or dies. She is in coma and my family is in a very deep sadness and how can you think that I will come to the promotions? Are you out of your mind Raghav?"

"Sorry sir. I'm really very sorry. I really didn't think that it is a big accident. I thought it's a small accident." Raghav said. "What the… How can you even think that it's a small accident Raghav? The media persons are covering each situation here and you are thinking it's a small accident? I lost everything Raghav. I lost everything." Gautam said with a teardrop falling from his eye and cut the call.

"What happened? Is everything alright Gautam?" Vikram asked. "Yes. Everything is alright" he said and "when you people came?"

"Just now." Vikram said and sat down beside Kajal and kept his head on her shoulder.

"Radha we'll serve the food." Kajal said turning to Radha. They started serving. "No Vikram.

I don't want to eat." Ankita said. "You have to eat di. It's necessary for you to eat." Vikram said. "No Vikram. I won't. Our sister is lying there unconsciously, and I can't eat like that." Ankita said. Ankita's husband came. "What's going on here?"

"See bhai she is not eating the food." Kajal complained. "Anki?" he looked at her seriously and "not for you baby. You must eat for our love. Our love which is forming as a cute little diamond in you."

He took the plate of two parathas and palak paneer. He took a piece and fed her. Gautam sat with Vikram without uttering a word from his mouth. He even didn't eat the food nor had his coffee. Everyone insisted. But he didn’t even touch a piece.

Its 11:00 PM now. Everyone slept except Gautam. He was just sitting numb from the morning. He went into the memory lane and remembering each moment he and Nisha spent together. She said each and everything to Gautam, the situations before they met and after they met. They met in an event organized by Vikram.


That was August 9th, 2018. Nisha was getting ready to go to the college. "Anki, fast. I'm getting late." Nisha shouted. "Yeah Nishu, coming." She shouted from the kitchen. Ankita came and got Nisha's tiffin.

Ankita became a successful fashion designer and stylist. She has her own website, a few boutiques in different states of India and her own blog. She designs mainly for ramp shows. She has a wide range of collection starting from kids till old women. She designs exclusively for ladies. She’s a big fan of Varun K. Mehra, the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. Her wish is just to meet him and take a snap with him.

Nisha kept the box in her bag and rushed to the college. She was already late. Prayer was going on. She rushed to the assembly and stood behind Radha. "You are late." said Radha.

"Yes Radha. I know. I tried, but Anki woke up late." She said and started praying.

After the prayer, the girls were heading to their class. "Hey, did you see the recent photo shoot of Gautam?" Radha asked. "Really! Again, a photo shoot? I really didn't see." Nisha said. Radha showed the pictures of the photo shoot. "WhatsApp them to me. NOW!" she said. "Okay! Fine." Radha said. "Thank you, babe. Gautam!!!!!" she went into her dream world.

"Nisha! Nisha!" the professor said breaking the trance. Nisha immediately came out of her dream world and "answer this one" the Professor ordered showing the marker to the white board. It is mathematics class. "ma'am" she said. Radha was laughing silently. "Radha why are you laughing?" the professor saw them seriously and "you and you!" she said pointing her finger to Radha and Nisha "get out of the class."

"Okay!" they both said, shrugging. They took their bags and went out of the class. Everyone laughed. "Quiet!" the professor shouted, and everyone kept quiet and started listening to the class.

"Let's go to the canteen. I'm hungry." Radha said. Nisha nodded and they both went to the canteen. They ordered veg sandwich. Meanwhile Vikram called Nisha. She lifted the call.

"Nisha?" he said. "Yeah Vikram." She said. "So, what happened to your classes?" Vikram asked. "Nothing. We came out of the class as we were not interested in that boring mathematics class." She said. "Okay! I have breaking news for you." Vikram squealed.

"What is it?" she got excited. "Guess what! I'm organizing a jewelry fashion show and..." Vikram purposely teased her. Vikram is a jewelry designer. He is a successful designer. Divya became his girlfriend.

"What Vikram? What’s new in this?" Nisha rolled her eyes. "And you can't guess who the showstopper for the show. It’s Gautam!" he revealed. "What? Gautam! Oh My God! I won’t miss this one!" Nisha shouted. Everyone in the canteen started staring at her. She immediately lowered her voice. Radha widened her eyes, chuckling. "Okay. When is the party?"

"Tomorrow and also get Radha with you. Yeah, and I forgot to tell another thing to you. Varun K. Mehra is also the showstopper with Gautam. Don't tell di. We'll surprise her." Vikram said. "Of course, she'll come. Okay we are going home now. I'll inform to Anki also and I won't talk about the surprise. She'll get more excited than me." She said and cut the call. "What happened?" Radha asked excited. "Radha tomorrow Vikram is organizing a jewelry fashion show and the showstoppers are Gautam and Varun K. Mehra!" she said, stressing on the last words. "What?" Radha almost shouted "really? Oh My God! I'm coming with you tomorrow, Nish!"

"Of course, he asked you too." She informed. "Then it's great. We'll go for shopping." She said. "We'll go to Ankita's boutique." Nisha said and "we'll get free clothes and from there we are going out for lunch."

"Free! It's really crazy to shop with you Nish." Radha started the car. First, they went to Ankita's and bought some clothes. After that they went to lunch.

Nisha and her friends have a free availability for clothes in Ankita’s boutique. She never charges for her sister and her sister’s friends.

Radha stays at the college hostel. She hates it. “I don’t know what food they cook in the hostel. I seriously hate the hostel.” Radha scrunched her nose in disgust. “I can understand you.” Nisha shrugged, sighing. “Yesterday the dinner was rice and sambar. The sambar is like water. As a south Indian I know how tasty the sambar should be. When I asked, they said that it is authentic south Indian sambar. My anger reached peaks, but I controlled it.” Radha vented out her anger. “Today, the breakfast was dosa and it was like paratha. I was so frustrated. Of course, I make the best dosas, you know.”

"Radha, please stay with us." Nisha asked. "I was about to say that I vacated the hostel yesterday because of the food." Radha said. "Did you pack then?" Nisha asked. "Yes. I already kept my things in the back of the car." Radha said. "Yay!" Nisha said and they reached home.

The doorbell rang. Ankita opened the door. "Soon?" she asked. "Yeah! We were getting bored, and we came home." Radha said. "Anki, Radha is staying with us from today and Vikram called me, and he told you to inform that tomorrow he is organizing a jewelry fashion show and surprisingly, Gautam is the showstopper!" Nisha shouted. "Really? Great! I'm attending to the party then!" she said and went into the kitchen.

Next day, the girls got ready and looked beautiful. Nisha wore white and black gown, with heavy earrings and a bracelet. She did a side fishtail braid and wore high heels. Ankita wore a pink, white gown, with a neck piece and loose curled hair and wore wedges. Radha wore a yellow sliver jumpsuit, and she kept her style minimalistic.

After they reached their destination, Nisha and Ankita rushed to the backstage. Radha parked the car and she too rushed to the backstage. Vikram is giving instructions to the models, as Divya is talking to Kajal. Ankita saw Kajal. "What is Kajal doing here?" she whispered to Nisha. "I don't know" Nisha giggled. Radha came and saw Divya talking to Kajal. "Hi Kajal!" Nisha greeted her with a hug. "Oh My God! Kajal! How are you?" Ankita greeted her with a hug. "Hi." Kajal said "Kajal I'm Ankita. your brother's diehard fan!" she said. "I know. Divya told me." Kajal said. Ankita glared at Divya and hissed "why did you tell?"

Nisha and Radha too greeted Kajal and went inside. Ankita spoke to Vikram and rushed to help.

"Where is Gautam? Where is Gautam?" Nisha was constantly chewing Radha's ear. "You asked me hundred and one times. How will I know where is Gautam? I'm also searching for him." Radha said. "Hi Vikram. I'm searching for my hero. Where is he?" Nisha asked. Just then Gautam entered the backstage." He came." Vikram said showing Gautam.

Nisha's heart skipped a beat when she saw Gautam. Her world paused for a bit. She is just seeing Gautam in a slow motion. His beautiful perfect hazel eyes, black gelled hair, his rolled-up cuffs made him look very stylish. He looked very formal. She had that slow la la la moment when she saw him. His perfect abs were clearly seen in that formal baby pink shirt. He looked breath-taking. He is just as Nisha imagined him to be. He is perfect.

Vikram spoke to Gautam and brought him to make him meet Nisha.

"This is my darling sister Nisha. She’s a big fan of yours and loves you a lot." Vikram introduced and went away as someone called him. Nisha thought that she is dreaming.

"Hello Nisha! Are you here?" Gautam waved his hand in front of her. "Yes Gautam. I'm here." Nisha started to pretend normal. “Hi?” He smiled, hesitatingly. “Hi Gautam.” She blushed slightly. “So, I heard you have a track record of me.” He giggled. “Umm… Yes.” She slightly grinned. “So?” He asked with his signature smile making Nisha go weak on her knees. “Can I have a selfie with you?” She finally asked. “Yes.” He smiled. Nisha took her phone from her clutch and took some snaps with Gautam. “Thanks Gautam.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome.” He went away to get ready.

Nisha snatched Radha to rest room and the girls both screamed aloud. "Oh My God! Oh My God! Gautam! Oh My God! I took a selfie with him! This is an epic! He's so cute! He's so hot!" Nisha freaked out. Radha was constantly laughing and fanning her. After a few minutes, “Are you fine now?” Radha laughed. Nisha nodded. The girls came out.

Nisha again searched for Gautam. He is sitting lonely near a dressing mirror. “Radha, this is a great chance to talk to him.” Nisha squealed a bit. “Just utilize it to the best.” Radha encouraged her best friend. Nisha straightened her dress and took a deep breath. She slowly walked to Gautam. "Hey Gautam!"

"Hey. Sit!" he offered her a chair and "coffee?"

"Cold coffee." She smiled. Gautam immediately ordered cold coffee for them. Radha is with Divya. She is helping her with the schedule. The cold coffee was served, and they started sipping. "Gautam I Love You." Nisha said softly. Gautam didn't listen. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing. Coffee is good." She said. "Yeah, it's good and what is your next…” Gautam was about to speak and Ankita ran out crying loud. "Hey that's my sister Ankita." Nisha got up.

Gautam kept staring at them. She ran towards her and asked "what happened?"

"They are making fun of me and treating me as a servant." She shouted and cried and "they do not believe me that I'm Varun K. Mehra's fan and they are making fun of that point too."

Ankita cupped her face and continued crying loudly. Meanwhile Varun K. Mehra came and signed Nisha to go a side. She smiled and went a side. Gautam ran to the scene.

He sat beside her and kept his hand on her shoulder and moved a bit closer to her. "So, Ankita I know that you are my biggest fan in this whole world and how dare they insult my fan?" he circled his arm around her shoulder.

Kajal heard her brother's voice and came running. Soon Ankita stopped crying and turned to see who it is. She got surprised to see him and hugged him. She started crying. "Oh My God! I Love you" she said with an excitement in her voice. "I Love you too" he replied in return. She completely stopped crying. “What?”

He nodded. “How?” She asked. He smirked “try to remember me.”

Ankita scrunched her eyebrows, “who are you?”

“Try to remember me. You know me way before the world knows me.” He said. “How?”

Ankita raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Try something, a clue maybe?” She asked.

“Okay…” He thought for a while, “yellow and red make green.”

“That’s not possible, yellow and blue make green.” She rolled her eyes and widened them immediately “Varun K. Mehra is Varun Kriyansh Mehra?”

“Yes, my dear! Your first love, Varun K. Mehra is Varun Kriyansh Mehra.” He hugged her. “I didn’t know that you became this famous. Times have changed and look at you Kriyansh, you’re more handsome than before. I mean no one will believe that we are childhood sweethearts.” Ankita got excited. “I know Juliet.” Kriyansh winked. “You’ll never change.”

Ankita laughed. “But this is very strange that I never noticed you are My Kriyansh.”

“That’s the magic. I was different in childhood and now everything is different. By the way how are mama and mami?”

“They’re happily showering their blessings from above.”

Kriyansh widened his eyes in a shock “what are you even talking about Anku?”

“I am serious Kriyansh. They died in a train accident. That year was a very tragic year for us.”

“I’m sorry.”

“By the way, do you remember Nisha, Vikram and Divya?”

“Oh yeah, Nisha was Portia, Vikram was Hamlet. And Divya was Desdemona.”

“Are you still a Shakespeare’s fan?” Vikram asked. “Yes. That never changes.” Kriyansh said.

“Great, so…” Vikram was interrupted by Ankita, “he always loved Shakespeare. That’s why we had these names. Portia from Merchant of Venice and Desdemona from Othello are two of his favorite characters and I was his love, so he named me Juliet. I used to call him Romeo when we two were together.”

“Okay!” Vikram slightly nodded. “Nisha?” Kriyansh saw her. Nisha chuckled, “How can I even forget about you!!”

“I know! But these many years have passed, so you know we tend to forget each other. But I am glad that I have got my childhood buddies back.” Kriyansh said. “But I am seriously surprised that you love me after so many years!”

“I loved you; I love you and I will love you forever. Seriously speaking Kriyansh, I thought that I lost you forever after we moved away from that city. But you know destiny wants us to meet in some form or the other. That’s what made us meet each other and I am surprised that you have a track of me after all these years.”

“That’s what true love does madam.”

“I am so lucky to have you in my life my love. I love you so much!”

“I love you too!!”

“My brother keeps on talking about her. She is also a great fashion designer. He always loved her. I’m so lucky to have a sister-in-law like Ankita" Kajal said to Nisha. "Hey thanks for saying that." Nisha said seeing her sister. She loved that moment.

"So, Ankita" Kriyansh said "It’s time to ask this. Will you marry me?"

Now everyone is shocked. “What?” Ankita blinked her eyes hard. “Tell me I’m dreaming.”

“No. I am serious. Will you marry Varun Kriyansh Mehra and become Mrs. Ankita Varun Kriyansh Mehra?”

Now everyone is hoping for good. Gautam is praying to God that she should accept the proposal. Nisha and Kajal are holding hands, all were looking at them. Some were shocked; especially the people who insulted Ankita and others were praying to God that she should accept his proposal.

Finally, Ankita opened her mouth. "Kriyansh." She said. “But I have some questions." She said. "Yes, Ankita ask." He said. "Will you treat me as your princess after marriage?" she asked. "Yes, I will. Not because you asked, but because I love you and respect you." He said. "I want to continue my career after marriage. Will you let me do that?" she asked. "Yes of course I will Ankita. I won't involve in your career matters. If you want to tell me about it, you can. It's totally dependent on you." He said. "Will you give me entertainment?" she asked. "Yes of course I will. I will take you to movies, trips, dates, and everything. Just say yes Ankita!" he pouted. Ankita was really dancing inside, but she pretended to be normal outside. "Last question" She said and "when are we getting married?" she winked and "I love you too Varun Kriyansh Mehra!"

Gautam took a deep breath, smiling. Nisha and Kajal jumped and hugged, everyone was really so happy. Meanwhile Divya came. "What's going on here?"

"Kriyansh and Ankita are getting married."

"Really? Wow!" Divya exclaimed. "This is unbelievable! By the way, why did Kriyansh come in between?"

“Varun K. Mehra is Varun Kriyansh Mehra!” Nisha hugged Divya. She widened her eyes and immediately Divya pretended that she got a call and went away from there. Nisha shrugged." If you finish hugging, we'll start the show." Vikram chuckled. They both came out of that world. Kriyansh started to get ready as he is the showstopper. "I'll help you with the styling." Ankita said. "Yes of course.” He said

"Ladies and gentlemen, please settle down. The show is about to start." Announcement is made. "Kriyansh fast" Ankita said. "Yeah! Over" he said and they went for the styling. Gautam got ready as the stylists helped him. Nisha was reminding the turns. Gautam came and stood beside Nisha and he too helped her. Finally, Gautam and Kriyansh set the fire on the ramp with their stylish walk. Finally, the show’s designer, Vikram was called, and he also walked on the ramp with the showstoppers, Kriyansh and Gautam and presented the show.

The day ended so well. Gautam and Nisha became good friends. They exchanged numbers and started talking to each other every day. She had a crush on him and when they met that crush became love. They met often.

One day, Gautam was talking to Nisha on the phone. He started telling each and everything to her. They shared each secret and became comfortable with deepest secrets too. “Nisha, seriously this is a big opportunity for me.”

“I know Gautam. I am so happy for you. Finally, you’re going to achieve what you’ve dreamt for.”

“But one problem.”


“They need a female actress.”

“Okay? So?”

“If you don’t mind, will you act with me?”

“Wait, what? Me?!”

“Yes you. I thought you’ll be perfect for this.”


“No buts. Only yeses.”

“I don’t even know how to act Gautam.”

“No problem. The director will show everything and I’m there to help you. Just say yes.”

“Okay! I trust you, so yes.”

“Yay! Thank you so so much Nisha. I’ll inform the director about this.”

“Sure. It’s getting late. Anki will search for me. Bye, good night!”

“Good night.”

Gautam spoke to the Director, and he agreed to cast Nisha in the video. The shooting started. Divya and Radha were there on the shooting set helping in the works of Nisha. Ankita helped them in the styling. Its lunch break and they were cracking jokes and laughing on Nisha's college Principal, who is from California. He usually talks great about America and Radha is telling how Nisha committed him so many times. "Yes! Yes! You're right if you just commit him again, he'll run to California." Gautam laughed. "Nishu come! They are calling you for the shot." Ankita called her. "Coming! Coming!"

She is wearing a pink crop top and a black and tulle skirt. That is the final wrap up. After some time, the shoot got wrapped. "I'm searching for a flat Nisha." Gautam said "actually I want to buy a flat. My parents are in Nottingham. So, I want to be near to my friends."

"Yeah Gautam. There is a flat for sale in our apartment. If you want, you can come and have a look." Nisha said. "Oh okay! Then I'll come now and have a look." He said and "hey you too come with me for the directions."

"Okay and it is really boring with them. It is one hour from here. We'll watch any English comedy film and spend the time." She said sitting in the car beside Gautam. "Okay! Good idea." Gautam started the car. They watched a good comedy film till they reached.

They reached. "Salman, give 302’s keys." Nisha asked her watchman. He gave the keys to Nisha. "Come Gautam." Nisha said. They took the elevator and went up to third floor. Nisha and Gautam went to 302 and she opened the door. Gautam had a look of the house. "It's beautiful. I can see the beach from here. I will get refreshed every morning. I'll buy this. Do you have the owner's info?" he asked, relaxed. "Actually Gautam, this is also our flat. We have two flats in this apartment. One is in 504, in which I, Anki, Radha and Vikram stay. Another one is this." She said. "So intentionally you said about this flat?" he cocked his eyebrow. "No not intentionally. We wanted to sell this one as we are not able to maintain two flats." Nisha said. "Okay. Cool. I'm buying this flat from my best friend. When are you getting the papers ready? And yeah, I forgot to ask you. How much is this flat?" he asked. They spoke about the price and the legalities to be followed "yes Nisha I am ready to buy this flat."

"Cool then. Come home. I'll explain." She said and took Gautam to her flat. Ankita and Radha were surprised to see them. "I thought you both went out for a date." Ankita said. Radha chuckled. "Why in the world we would go for a date? Are you out of your mind?" Nisha glared. "Sorry." She said and "hey Gautam welcome. Sit."

"Coffee?" Radha asked everyone. "Yes please. I'm really tired." Nisha said. "My head is aching like hell Radha. I need a cup of coffee badly." Gautam said holding his forehead.

After a while Radha got coffee for everyone and meanwhile Ankita got a call from Kriyansh. "Hey." She said. "Come fast to seasons." He said, tensed. "But why? Are you okay?" she asked. "Vikram met with an accident. Divya is there with him." he said with a tear drop rolling down his cheek. "What?" Ankita got up, crying and throwing the coffee mug down. "We are coming."

She fell on the sofa and started crying. "What happened?" Gautam asked. "Guys! Vikram met with an accident. He's admitted in seasons." She said sobbing. "Let's go then." Gautam got up and took the car keys. He drove the car and they reached the hospital. Kriyansh is waiting for them, and he took them to the ward where Vikram is kept. Kajal is crying. Divya is just sitting normally. Nisha ran to Vikram. Gautam consoled her and he brought her aside. Ankita is sitting and sobbing as Radha is consoling her. Nisha sat beside Divya. She was texting. "Divya, to whom are you texting?" Nisha asked. "No one" she hid her phone. She got a call and got up and went away. Nisha got a doubt on her and followed her. Divya is speaking on the phone. Nisha is listening to the phone call.

"Hi darling" she said with a husky voice. "Yes. I did that." She said. "Oh yeah. I'll give the money to the truck driver." She said. "So, when are we meeting?" she asked. "Yeah, I'll get both fools with me." She laughed. "That Nisha and Vikram blindly believe me. They don't know what I am." She laughed. "Okay bye. If I don't go, they'll get a doubt on me." She cut the call and turned back. She saw Nisha. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Nothing. I came in search of you." Nisha fake smiled. "Okay. Shall we have a cup of coffee?" she asked and "my head is aching like hell."

"Okay. I'll accompany you." She said and they went to the hospital canteen and having coffee. "Divya to whom were you talking on the phone? Nisha asked. Divya got tensed. She lied. "No one. It's our school friend Sameer. Do you remember him?" she asked. "Yeah of course he used to propose you every time and he tried his level best to make you love him." Nisha said smiling and "so he called you. Okay."

Divya got relaxed. "Shall we go? They will search for us." Nisha asked. "Yes." Divya said and they got up and went away. "How is Vikram?" Nisha asked Ankita. "Yeah, he is in safe hands now." Ankita said and Nisha took a deep breath and thanked God. Divya wondered how this happened. "I'll just confirm when they’ll discharge Vikram. Gautam come with me." Kriyansh said and Gautam got up. They both went to the doctor's cabin and asked when the discharge is. After they came Ankita went to Kriyansh and "what did the doctor say?"

"They are discharging him this evening. I'll get the discharge papers and Gautam you take them home." He said. "Thank you so much Kriyansh. Really you are taking care of my family so much. Thank you for that. I Love you." Ankita said and hugged him. He too hugged her and "it's not your family. It's our family Anku. I Love you too." He said and kissed her on the head. Meanwhile some fans rushed in and took photos and selfies with everyone there, except Divya.

Its evening and everyone talked to Vikram. He's just like before. He is cracking jokes, teasing Ankita. Kriyansh is laughing constantly. Divya is giving a fake smile. Kajal is holding Vikram's hand and laughing. Gautam is also laughing with Nisha. Nurse came and told them it's time for the discharge. "Okay! I'll get the papers and Gautam..." he is about to tell, and Gautam stopped him "yes bro I'll drop them and come for you. You said this a thousand times."

"Okay bro!" Kriyansh went out. "Vikram carefully." Ankita said. Divya and Kajal helped him to get out of the bed and "Divya, I was missing you." He said and kissed her cheek. She felt disgusting and acted out "I too missed you, Vikram."

"Kajal thank you for being with me every time." He hugged her. "Vikram, no need of that." She hugged him back. Divya felt jealous now "why the hell I'm feeling jealous!"

Gautam got the car and he dropped everyone home and came back for Kriyansh.

On the way back home Kriyansh asked Gautam about his interests. "Bhai, you drive." Gautam sat on the front passenger’s seat. "Gautam, among all of us whom do you like most?" Kriyansh asked. "Nisha" Gautam said with a blush. "Ahaan!" Kriyansh smirked. "Bro!!!" he pouted. They laughed. "And Gautam do you love her?" he asked. "Sometimes I just think that do I love her? And if I be with her, I forget the world. I think I'm in love."

Gautam looked out of the window, looking at the sky. "Don't think Gautam. Your feelings are showing that you love her." Kriyansh said. "How?" Gautam asked. "You are just like me Gautam. You are happy when you are with Nisha, you have concern for her, and you care for her family. You are helping her in her family problems, and you became her best friend." Kriyansh said. "Yes Bhai. There are the same feelings in me for Nisha." Gautam said. "We’re finally home." Kriyansh said and they got down.

"Papers!" Gautam shouted as he came inside the house. Nisha came running. "What happened Gautam?" she asked. "You told me something." He said. "About the house documents?" she asked. "Yes. So, you remember." He said winking. "Of course, sweetheart I remember." She said, biting her lower lip and "Ankita, bring the house documents." Nisha shouted from the living room. Ankita brought the papers. Kriyansh also checked the papers.

In a perfect way, he double checked. "Everything is clear. You can proceed Gautam."

Kriyansh said. "Thank you, Bhai." He said and "Nisha, we'll do the registration tomorrow. Its 8:00 PM now." Gautam said. "Dinner time" Radha shouted. Everyone went to the dining table. Food is served. "Vikram and Nisha, I should take you both out tomorrow. I have an important work with you." Divya said. "Okay. It's going to be fun" Vikram said excited. "Be serious baby. It's really very important." Divya said. "Okay. Sorry." Vikram said, lowering his lashes. They had dinner and went for sleep.

Next day morning, Nisha, Divya and Vikram got ready. Divya is driving the car and Vikram is sitting next to her. Nisha is sitting in the back seat. Vikram kept the music loud and is singing the songs out. "Vikram shut up!" Nisha shouted. Vikram stopped the music and sat silently. Divya took them to a cellar. Sameer is there in the cellar. He is smoking. Nisha saw Sameer and "hey Sameer! How are you?"

"So, Divya this was the surprise you both were planning?"

"There are more surprises coming up Nisha. Just wait and watch." Divya said. "Oh my God I think we can't bear this much love Divya." Vikram winked. "Vikram, just wait and watch." Divya said and gave a kiss on Vikram’s cheek. "You are really insane baby." Divya said and she kissed Vikram's cheek again. "Guys stop it." Sameer said. After some time she again gave a kiss on Vikram's cheek and pushed him. He went and hit to a car. He fainted. Nisha ran to him. "Vikram! Vikram!" she cried "why did you do this Divya?"

Immediately Sameer came to Divya and grabbed her waist and gave a kiss on her lips. In return she too gave a kiss on Sameer's lips. "What are you doing Divya and Sameer?" Nisha asked shocked. "We are in love!" They screamed. "What?" Nisha shouted at the top of her voice and "Why did you cheat Vikram? Why did you play with his feelings? WHY?"

Vikram gained consciousness. "What happened" he asked, and he saw Sameer and Divya together and got shocked. He understood. "Why did you do this to me?" he shouted.

"Because I wanted your money." Divya said. "Shameless girl I hate you!" Vikram shouted.

"You used me for money, for your excitement and enjoyment. I spent a lot on you. I know that you won't give that money to me. I hate you! I hate you!" Vikram shouted at the top of his voice and ran from there with his eyes teared up. "Bitch" Nisha shouted and took her heel. She bet both Divya and Sameer till she calmed down and ran from there.

Vikram sat in the car. He is crying. Nisha drove the car and she allowed Vikram to cry his heart out. He cried and cried and slept. He is looking like a baby. He folded his legs and leaning to the window and sleeping. Nisha didn't disturb him. They reached home. "Vikram, Vikram, we're home." She woke him. He woke up and went home.

Nisha knocked the door. Radha came and opened the door. "Where is Divya?" she asked. "Don’t talk about that girl!" Vikram shouted and ran into his room. Ankita, Kriyansh, Kajal and Gautam came out. "What happened? Why did Vikram say like that?" Kajal asked. "Guys" Nisha said with her eyes teared up "Divya cheated on Vikram and me."

"What?" Kajal asked, "what actually happened Nisha?"

"Guys she's making out with my school friend Sameer, and we saw it clearly." She said and explained the whole thing happened. "She's seriously hopeless." Kajal walked to Vikram's room. He locked himself. "Guys come here!" she shouted. Everyone ran there. "Oh my god Vikram! Open the door." Ankita shouted. "Vikram what are you doing?" Gautam shouted. "Open the door" Radha shouted. "Bhai! I think we should break this door." Gautam said. Kriyansh and Gautam broke the door.

Vikram is cutting his wrist. Gautam ran to him and threw the knife away. "Are you nuts?" Gautam screamed. "Why are you risking your life for that girl, that doesn't even care for you. You have a lot of life Vikram. Trust me, you are a gem boy! Stop doing that. If you again do that, I'll kill you. What in the world makes you to end your life?"

"I love her Gautam. I still love her, and I can't live without her. I didn't even imagine my life

without her. She really deceived me. I want to die." He said crying and hugged Gautam. "I'll explain." Gautam said and everyone went out. He explained the facts and Vikram calmed down.

"Nisha open the door" Gautam heard a voice. It is Kriyansh's voice. Vikram slept and Gautam ran there. "What happened Ankita?" he asked. "She locked herself in the room." Ankita said. "Not again" Gautam said to himself and "Bhai I think we should break this too."

They both broke the door. Nisha is sitting and crying. Ankita sat beside her and started consoling. "She was my best friend. I didn't think that she'll do this to me." She said crying and hugging Ankita. "It's over Nisha. Don't cry. Nothing has happened now. She showed her true colours now and we have to accept the reality." Kajal said, consoling her. "See Nisha" Gautam said and "everything is for our good. We don't know what fate is and what may happen next second. Live for you, your family who is always there for you, and your true friends who God has gifted you. Don't think about the past and don't think about the future. Live in the present and live your life to the fullest."

He signed Kriyansh to take everyone from there. Everyone went away and Gautam locked the door. Nisha is still crying. She's not aware of anything happening. She's crying her heart out. Gautam came to her and kneeled before her. "Nisha please don't cry. We are there for you in every moment of your life." He said but Nisha is constantly crying. "No Gautam! Nothing is left to see in this world. I can't live without her. She was everything to me. I really can't bear this pain. Please Gautam I can't. I want to die Gautam. I can't live. She was my best friend, and she will be my best friend forever." She is constantly crying and telling all nonsense. "Don't tell like that Nisha. I'm always there for you. Your sisters, brothers, brother-in-law, and me, don't you love me? I love you, Nisha. I love you. I can't see you in pain. Please stop crying." He said. She was not listening. To stop her Gautam kissed her cheek. Nisha got numb and after some silence she kissed his cheek and "I love you too Gautam." she said and blushed. "I love you" he said "I love you" she said. "I love you" he shouted. Immediately everyone in the living room ran towards the door and they started to listen what is going on inside. "Mrs. Goenka will you marry me?" he asked. "Yes Mr. Goenka. I will marry you." She replied and "let's go out." She walked towards the door. She opened the door and saw everyone there. Ankita was chuckling and Kriyansh started laughing.

Everyone burst into laughter. "Bhai! You really became my Bhai." Kriyansh hugged Gautam.

"Nishu" Ankita, Kajal said in unison and hugged her. "Yay! Nish! I'm so happy for you!" Radha hugged her.

"Yeah, about our wedding" Kriyansh said and "shall we discuss about it now?"

"Of-course we'd love to discuss about that" Kajal said and everyone sat on the sofas.

"I talked to the priest" Kriyansh said and "he told the date."

"Then that's great. Vikram gets out from that depression when we get married." Gautam said. "You're right Gautam." Ankita said and "when is the date?"

"24th November." Kriyansh said. "Oh my God! Still a week left." Nisha shouted. "Darling, relax we have my boutique. I'll wear my latest bridal collection and girls you too should wear my latest bridal collection." Ankita said. "And for boys?" Gautam asked. "Yeah, for boys, Kriyansh will take care about that." Ankita winked. "I'm on it." Kriyansh said. Meanwhile Vikram woke up, came, and sat beside Kajal. She suddenly became hesitant and numb. Kriyansh noticed it and "shall we engage your brother and my sister?"

"Why?" Ankita asked. "See Kaj she's blushing when Vikram's around her." he whispered.

Ankita saw them and "yes Kriyansh you're right. I can see a blush on her face and Vikram is happy with her."

"What are you talking?" Gautam asked Kriyansh. "We are talking about Vikram and Kaj's engagement." Kriyansh said softly. "What?" Gautam almost shouted as Kriyansh closed Gautam's mouth with his hand. "Don't shout Bhai." He said and "I think this is the best way to get Vikram out of his depression. I'll talk to Kaj." He said and "Kaj, just come with me." He said turning to Kajal. She got up and they both went into the back balcony.

"Kaj I'll ask you some questions and tell me frankly what you think." Kriyansh said. "Okay Bhai. Ask." She smiled. "Tell me one thing, do you love Vikram?" Kriyansh asked. "Bhai... I... umm..." she stammered. "tell me frankly. I'm your brother. You can share everything with me." He said gently. "Yes Bhai. I truly and completely love him. I can't imagine my life without Vikram." She blushed. "Then are you ready to help him?" he asked. "Yes Bhai. He should come out of that depression. I can't see him like that. Even I'm dying inside that he's in pain." She said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Kriyansh hugged his sister and consoled her. "Kaj, marry him. That's the best way to get him out of that depression. He should get a life, a little job, a cute little own world. He needs you badly Kaj and be with him in every moment of life."

"Yes, Bhai I will be with him. I love to be with him. He's my life now. I can't imagine life without him." She said. "That's great. I'll talk to your Bhabhi about this. We'll take a good decision about you both. Try to make him feel comfortable with you. Don't leave him alone. Dance with him on my sangeet. Enjoy every moment with him when our wedding functions start. Engage him with work and do work with him. That's when he can fall in love with you." He advised his sister. "Okay Bhai." She said and walked inside.

Next day, "We are planning a trip to Tirupati." Ankita said. "Oh, great then I'll start packing." Nisha said and she was about to get up. Kriyansh stopped her. "You both are not coming. Radha is going to Hyderabad to meet her family. You and Gautam enjoy your space"

Gautam understood and "Nisha... we... are not going... let them.... Go...." He said with a slight blush on his cheeks. "But Gautam," she said and before she could say anything Gautam saw her with a poker face. She shrugged. "Bhai you both carry on."

"We're going." Kriyansh and Ankita said in unison. "We'll give you send off. We are coming down." Gautam said. "Bhai, we’ll manage. Also, you have to spend some time." He chuckled. "Okay Bhai. You go." Gautam said. As soon as they left Gautam closed the door and came to Nisha. "Movie?" he asked. "Yes but let me cook some popcorn. It's the best movie snack." She said. "I'll help you" he said. They both went into the kitchen and cooked some cheesy popcorn as that was their mutual favorite. They watched Kriyansh's films.

Nisha cuddled around Gautam and he circled his hand around Nisha's shoulder and made her even closer to him. They spent quality of time together. After the film Nisha slept. Vikram and Kajal were sent to Paris, Disneyland as Kajal was asking Kriyansh a lot to spend their own time. After two days, Kriyansh and Ankita came back from their trip. Vikram and Kajal also came from Paris, Disneyland. Radha came from Hyderabad.

Next day the wedding functions started. 1st day is Mehndi. A henna paste, which is beautifully applied on the hands and feet of the bride. Mehendi is also applied on the hands of the girls who are attending the wedding. They dance, sing, eat and girls enjoyed to the fullest as boys pranked the girls every time. Vikram and Kajal had their time.

Next day is haldi. It’s a necessary ritual to be followed in North Indian weddings. Haldi is a turmeric paste which is smeared on the cheeks, hands and feet of the bride and groom. It is said to be very auspicious. After this ritual, the bride and groom are ready to be wedded. They enjoyed a lot. Vikram and Kajal danced a lot. They rubbed haldi all over Kriyansh's face. Gautam poured the haldi on Kriyansh's head. Everyone laughed their heart out. Vikram and Kajal did all the works.

It is sangeet in the evening. Ankita wore a pink and cream colour sequin lehenga, a cream colour sequin blouse and a netted dupatta. She kept her style gorgeous. She left her hair with curls at the end and set her hair to a side. Nisha wore a royal blue lehenga with golden work on the borders, a royal blue crop top with golden work on the sleeves and waist. She braided her hair to a side and wore a simple makeup. Kajal was really looking gorgeous on that day which made Vikram fall for her. She wore a peach colour lehenga, with navy blue work on it. And a mega sleeved crop top.

That night, Vikram absolutely adored Kajal and fell head over heels for her. He remembered each moment spent with her from childhood. Kajal was talking to some of her relatives. Vikram is busy with the groom, but adoring Kajal. “You are not here.” Kriyansh said, sensing Vikram’s absent mind. “Umm?” Vikram raised his eyebrows, innocently. “I know everything. Go and ask her to dance with you and if possible, propose her.” Kriyansh suggested. Vikram grinned. “Thank you Kriyansh.”

He quickly came to Kajal and "shall we dance miss?"

"Of-course Mr.” she said, letting her hand out to him. It was a ball dance. The groom, Kriyansh, the bride Ankita set some serious relationship goals. Gautam and Nisha looked cute together. After the main persons, everyone looked at Vikram and Kajal. They looked adorable.

Vikram looked at Kriyansh, who was absolutely adoring his sister and Vikram. “It’s time.” Kriyansh mouthed. Vikram took a deep breath and "Kajal after that Divya, actually I thought that she's love of my life. But she ditched me. She dumped me. I trust you totally and completely. Will you marry me?"

"Yes" she nodded her head with her eyes teared up. They hugged each other and everyone clapped.

Divya got to hear this news and audio messaged Nisha. As she is enjoying the party, she kept her phone in the dressing room.

After the party, Gautam and Nisha were spending some time together in the resort's lawn. She checked the messages and saw Divya's message and "Gautam, Divya messaged me." She said. "What the message says?" he asked. "It says that 'you may be happy with Kajal and Vikram's relationship. But trust me; I still love him from the bottom of my heart. Tell Vikram not to marry Kajal. Please I love him.'

“I think she's really feeling that from bottom of her heart Gautam." she said. "All drama" he said. "That audio message clearly says that it's a drama and those tears are not real Jaan. Even a dubbing artist can do this easily. She is planning something. You and Vikram don't fall into that trap again. She is very dangerous. She is emotionally trapping you again." He warned her. "But how did she know about this?" she asked. "Don't think about that. She knew it. That is what matters. Now you both should be careful of her. Give me your phone." He said. Nisha gave her phone to Gautam. Divya again messaged. The message says 'hi Nisha. Shall we go out after your sister's wedding? I'm dying to meet you.'

Immediately Gautam messaged her. 'Don't even think about seeing me. If not, that will be the last day of your life. Don't again disturb me' he sent and blocked her. Nisha started crying. He circled his hand on her shoulder and grabbed her near him. He consoled her. Ankita and Kriyansh were seeing that. They stood near the door of the lawn. She calmed down after some time.

Next day morning, it was the D-day. The big day and the most important day in Kriyansh and Ankita's life. It is their wedding day. In the morning, Ankita was getting ready for the Kalira function. Kaliras are hangings which are tied by the bride’s sisters and friends for the bride’s bangles. Unmarried girls are made to sit in a line and the bride shakes her Kaliras on the girls’ heads. If a Kalira is fallen on a girl’s head, it is said that she gets married very soon.

Ankita got ready in a sun bright orange anarkali. Her chuda ceremony was already over.

Chudas are set of 21 bangles, which are traditionally opted in red and white or maroon and ivory colour. Ankita wore the traditional red and white bangles. Bride’s maternal uncle and aunt should select and bring the bangles for the bride. A puja is organized. The bangles are purified with milk and rose petals. After that a white cloth is tied around the bride’s wrist. She shouldn’t see the bangles till the wedding starts.

Finally, the time has come to shake the kaliras on the unmarried girls heads. Nisha, Kajal, Radha and some other friends and unmarried cousins sat in a line. Slowly Ankita started shaking the kaliras. First in the line was Radha. The kalira did not fall on her head. Next in the line was Kajal. Ankita shook the kalira so hard that it fell on Kajal. Everyone screamed in joy. Next, its Nisha’s turn. Ankita wontedly shook the kalira so hard that two of the kaliras fell on her head. “Not so soon!” Nisha fake cried, laughing. “Next, it is you, Nishu! Don’t worry, it will be in next year.” Ankita laughed.

The next day after the wedding, one of the kalira is left at the temple with the priest for blessings and the rest are kept by the bride as a memory of her parent's home and a moment of the wedding day.

The time has come. Ankita got ready in a red and white lehenga, a red and white blouse and a red and white dupatta, with a red veil. She looked stunning. Kriyansh wore a gold color suit and with a gold turban. He looked so handsome. Finally, they became Mr. and Mrs. Everyone is really very happy. Everyone talked about Gautam and Nisha's wedding. After this, they gave a reception. They danced and danced till they got tired. Divya didn't message forever. Gautam and Nisha are a happy couple now. They went to abroad trips, dinner dates and enjoyed a lot.


Nisha is getting ready for her sangeet. "Nisha get ready soon. Gautam is ready. He wants to see you" Kajal said. "Yes Kaj, I am ready." She opened the door. She wore a pink pastel lehenga and a sleeveless high necked pink pastel crop top. She did pink makeup and she just kept hangings and payal for her feet. She wore wedges and left her straightened hair. She looked stunning. She came out. Gautam is waiting to see her. She went to Gautam and called him. He looked at her, jaw dropped. "You are looking absolutely gorgeous Nish."

"Thanks Gautam" she said. "Guys lets go. Everyone is waiting for you." Kajal came and said.

Nisha circled her hand to Gautam's arm and leaned her head on his shoulder. As soon as they came down everyone shouted and clapped for them. That night went great for Gautam and Nisha. Next day night they got married. On the reception day, Kajal and Vikram got officially engaged and they were the happiest couple on the earth.

After a few months, one fine morning, "Yeah. I love you. I'll miss you badly." Ankita said to Kriyansh who is leaving to Corsica for his film shooting. "I too will miss you, Anku. I love you too." He said and kissed her on the cheek. "How many days are you going to spend in the shoot?" she asked and "in what countries you are going to shoot? One is Corsica, another is Sri Lanka and?"

"So many Anku. I have a very exhausting schedule." he said sipping his coffee. "Wait I'll get you something" she said and got up. Near their room she fainted. Immediately Kriyansh ran to her "Anku! Anku! Get up! Wake up!" he lifted her and put her on the bed. He immediately called a doctor. She came and did a checkup. "Kriyansh congratulations. Your wife is pregnant." She said. Kriyansh immediately hugged the doctor and "thank you for giving such a great news doctor. Thank you so much"

The doctor left. He immediately hugged Ankita.

"Gautam take this apple. It's good for you." Nisha said and "coffee?"

"Yes. I'm tired of these promotions. But what to do! I am the hero of the film, and I should go to promote my film." He caught his head. Nisha went to the kitchen and made coffee for both. She brought the coffee mugs and fainted. Gautam got tensed and he really didn't know what to do. He called the doctor. She came and checked Nisha. "Congrats Gautam. She's pregnant." The doctor said and went away. Nisha gained consciousness. "What happened?" she asked. "Nisha" Gautam said with a poker face and "we are becoming parents."

They got a call from Kriyansh. "Bhai I was about to call you" Gautam said. "I should tell you great news" Kriyansh said with a super happy tone. "Ha Bhai tell." Gautam said. "Ankita is pregnant." He said. "What! Oh my god! Bhabhi is pregnant! Double dhamaka." Gautam shouted. Nisha got very happy with her teary eyes. "Double dhamaka?" Kriyansh asked and "don't tell me that Nishu is also pregnant."

"Yes Bhai. She is." Gautam said with a super happy tone. Kriyansh shouted. Ankita got happy. She snatched the phone from Kriyansh and "Gautam I want to see Nisha now!" she said. "Then make a video call Bhabhi." He said and cut the call. Gautam opened Google duo. Both the couples talked. They informed everyone. Kriyansh left for his shoots while Gautam is promoting his films. After one month, Nisha visited Ankita and Kriyansh wrapped his shoots and came home. While returning Nisha met with an accident.

******FLASHBACK ENDS********


"Gautam! Gautam!" Kriyansh shook him breaking the trance. "Ha Bhai" He looked at Kriyansh. "Doctor is calling you."

Gautam and Kriyansh walked towards the doctor's cabin and opened the door. "Excuse me doctor?" Kriyansh said. "Ankita's husband and Gautam, come in." he said. They walked inside and sat. "How is she doctor?" Gautam asked. "She's in a critical condition. Maybe these are her last days." He said. "No doctor. Don't say like that. She should live. For me and for everyone who love her. Please do something doctor! Please." He shouted as tears rolled down his cheeks.

He ran to the Lord Krishna's idol in the entrance. He prayed a lot that she should recover. "Please don't do anything to her. If you want you take me. You did a lot to me. I lost everything and please don't do this. I can't live without her. Please don't do anything to her."

"I too can't live without you Gautam." a voice came behind. He turned and saw. No one was there. It is his conscious. Even Nisha can't live without Gautam. He immediately took karpura and placed it in the middle of his hand and lighted it. "She should recover. For that I'll do anything" he said to himself and started giving aarti. He did that till night. Ankita is praying to God. "Please God make some miracle. I want my sister back. She's my 1st child. I can't see her lying there. She should recover and you should do something" she cried.

Kriyansh came. She saw Gautam and Ankita and his eyes teared up. Gautam is still giving aarti. Ankita is crying, bending on her knees and praying. Kriyansh went to her and circled his hand on her waist and leaned his head on her shoulder as tears were rolling on his cheeks.

Its morning, Ankita and Kriyansh slept like that. Gautam also slept on the god's feet. Radha came running. She woke Gautam. "Ha Radha what happened?" he asked. "She woke up." She said with her teary eyes and shaky voice. Ankita and Kriyansh also woke up. Four of them ran to the ICU. Gautam rushed inside.

He sat beside her and took her hand. "Gautam" she said and "I'm sorry."

"Darling, it's not your mistake. Its fate. If we want we can again become parents. We need to work hard for that." He choked out a laugh. Nisha also laughed, wiping her tears and hugged him. "Thank you, Gautam. You are the best in the whole world." She said. "I love you forever and always." He said.

The doctor came. "This is a miracle, Gautam. You are so lucky that you got your wife back."

He said and "how are you feeling Nisha?"

"Yes doctor, I'm feeling better now. In fact I can go home and start a new life" she laughed.

"You can but after a few days." He said. "Really?" Gautam widened his eyes in excitement.

"Yes Gautam you can take her home after a few days." Doctor smiled. "Thank you so much doctor" Gautam said. "Now we should shift her to a ward. Everyone can meet her now. Gautam if you go out, we'll do our work." He said. "Okay doctor." Gautam came out.

"Yay" he shouted. Everyone laughed. "Finally Bhai" Kriyansh hugged him. In five minutes, Nisha is shifted to ward. Her family and friends met her.

After 7 months

Nisha and Gautam shifted to Ankita and Kriyansh’s apartment. Ankita is watching her sister very carefully. Kajal and Vikram are yet to get married. After that incident, everyone became so attentive of Nisha and Ankita. They’re taking care of them very carefully. Now Ankita is 9 months pregnant. Nisha usually thinks of her lost baby when she sees Ankita, but she again becomes normal when Ankita assures her that her babies are Nisha’s and Nisha’s babies are Ankita’s. Nisha is already a mother by heart now. She is taking care of Ankita very well.

contd ....