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As you know IWW is not a  profit making site.  It is also not a free blog like blogger or wordspress. We have to pay for the site maintenance, software  and the staff, every month.  (The Editorial team offer voluntary service).  We struggle for our existence on the net. It is just because of our literary passion we manage to do so.

Presently there are many ads on the site, disturbing a pleasant reading experience.   Like you, we too don't like them to interfere with our reading experience. Those are sponsor ads and they generate a  portion  of income to help us pay for  our monthly expenditure. Many writers have asked me whether the ads can be removed from the site so that they can read the stories/poems/articles in an enjoyable way.

Don't you want to see IWW ads-free? If you help us we can do.    

How can you help IWW ads-free site and make the site more enjoyable reading?  

1) You can sponsor a month's expenses by donating Rs.9000/- to this site, so that we can remove the ads from the site for that month.  


Your name will be added as this month's sponsor on the site. 

You will get a page on iww like this - for that month.  After a month, that page will be removed. 

Your readers will have a better reading experience. In addition, your writing will reach more people by weekly tweeting, adding it on facebook,  linkedin and G+.

If you do it for 3 consecutive months you will get the additional benefits -

Additional Benefits :

A permanent page on the site, where you can add all iww contributions and any other important links you would like to have.  

2) If you are unable to donate the full amount you can opt for a page free ad, by donating Rs.500/-.


This will help you to get an add free page for two of your contributions of your choice. i.e.  Those two pages on the site  will be free from ads during that month.  If you opt for a whole year payment you will get a concession and pay only Rs.5000/-, so that your readers will have a delightful time reading your writings of those two pages. In addition, your writing will reach more people by weekly tweeting, adding it on facebook,  linkedin and G+.

How to make the payment?

In India - Bank transfer (preferred method), Bank Draft or  Cheque. 

Outside India - By Paypal

If you are willing to support IWW being a sponsor, please contact us . We will provide you with the bank details/Paypal id.