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The Aesthetic Beauty

by Akanksha Priya
(Bengaluru, India)

Descending and sinking is all she possess,
Breaking and falling apart is all she can do.

Though, abdicating the grip of fear,
Embracing the destiny
She lets herself loose to break through.

Ameliorating the sound of crash
Although loud and pleasant
Overshadowing the pieces, into which she has been scattered
Eventually all pieces join hands
To form a single body,
Flowing calmly through the valley.

The abrasive surface of surrounding
Is what she faced
Enduring pain and being hurt,
Past has not left behind a trace.

Smiling... she moves gracefully forward
A lesson on life was thus captured
Her journey portrays aesthetical beauty worth admiration!!

Standing against numerous odds - inspiring all ,
she is known as :


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