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The Anniversary - contd

by Humera Ahmed
(Mumbai, India)

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Imroze was at that moment buying a bouquet of red roses for her. Mukesh smiled, “So finally you’re going to declare your love, old chap.”
“Hoping to. Feel a little awkward.”
“It’ll be fine; no need to be nervous. Laila is such a gentle girl.”

When they walked into the foyer, Mukesh thoughtfully took Imroze’s briefcase: “I’ll bring it with me .You go up with the roses and a nice big smile.”
“You make it sound as if I was meeting her for the first time.”

Mukesh smiled as Imroze self consciously made his way to the apartment. He had been visualising this moment the whole afternoon –what he would say, how he would greet her and what would be her reaction. But what he had not imagined, had not expected, and was the glowing lovely girl who opened the door. He just stared speechless, till he heard Mukesh’s cough behind. Laila smiled: “Come in Mukesh Ji.”
"No thanks. Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary. God bless you both.”

Laila thanked him and took the brief case. Imroze quietly shut the door his eyes still fixed on Laila.
“I am so glad that you wanted to celebrate the event Laila.”
Laila nodded, blushing. They stared at each other as if they were seeing each other for the first time
“You look lovely.”

He fumbled in his pocket and took out a small box. And the next moment he was on his knees in front of her. “Laila, will you marry me?”
“What? We are already married.”
“Yes. But that was at the behest of our parents. From this day onwards, our marriage is through our choice.”
“I do.” she whispered as he slipped the ring in her finger and gently kissed her cheek.
“From this moment let’s starts our life, and not from when we officially wed.”

She laid her head on his shoulder. She no longer envied women like Shirley. She had her own memorable moments to celebrate.


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Apr 05, 2017
view point
by: karuna

Sweet little story msg of hope to arranged matches and to siblings sandwiched between the more talented ones in a family.esp liked the angle from the boy's side as well which is not the normal course.

Mar 26, 2017
The Anniversary
by: ParveenTalha

A twist most unexpected which made the story so touching and human. Has a beautiful message too for people who got married under some compulsion.

Mar 25, 2017
Just right title!
by: Devika

The story is delightful and well-tuned! I liked it especially because the noise around celebrations take something away from them. This seemed just right! A delicate little gem as usual Humera!

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