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The Bangle-Seller’s Daughter

by Ananya Sarkar

She put on the bangles, one by one
Bright coloured glass ringlets
That shone in a lovely coruscating flash of gold,
green, orange and pink
Winking seductively in the sun.

The bangles gifted to her by her father
Were precious to the little girl
For though she was the bangle-seller’s daughter----
Bangles she had none.

Two plaits adorned the little head
And swayed to and fro
And the patchwork skirt that she wore
Fluttered in the wind.

She carried the utensils--- pots and pans and dishes
Clinking and clanging
To the green pond’s edge
Where the birds chirruped in the hedges.

Picking up a fistful of ash
She set to cleaning the steel containers,
But today her heart was convulsed in delight
At the thought of the bangles which encircled her wrists.

Humming a sweet melodious tune
The little one did her chore
Keeping at bay all the strings
That could tie her to some woe.

She scrubbed and rubbed
With all her zeal
The bangles clashed, the bangles broke
Into a myriad rainbow stars that glittered in the mud.

She stared enrapt
As though awed by a spectre
At the tiny pieces that were ornaments once
Still not deprived of their iridescent hue.

A pearly tear glistening in her eye
She realizes the inexorable truth
That though she was the bangle-seller’s daughter
She was not meant for the bangles,
Nor were bangles meant for her.


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Jun 26, 2012
Reply @ Nitya
by: Ananya

Thanks a lot Nitya

Jun 26, 2012
Hats off!
by: nitya

Your poem ends beautifully. It captures the pain and tears of every girl who has dreams and music in her heart, but seldom gets opportunity to become the music. Hats off to you :)

Jun 10, 2012
Reply @ Isabel
by: Ananya

Thank you so much :)

Jun 09, 2012
your poem...
by: isabel

Your poem touched my heart especially the last stanza. Beautiful and well expressed, looking forward for your next creation...

Jun 09, 2012
Reply @ Sneha
by: Ananya


Jun 04, 2012
Your poem
by: Sneha

All of the verse reminded me of Bengali literature and whatever little I know of it. Very evocative and tragedy put in profound words. Write on.

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