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The Boutique by the Beach-continued...

by Reem

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The Sales ladies they had hired were doing their job well too.

Aminah stood at the verandah talking to new customers and taking them to the shop.

She then saw an Elderly Man walk in the boutique compound.

He was tall, had gray hair looked familiar and handsome.

Aminah looked at him trying to figure out whether she knew him.

He was accompanied by a young girl. He had a pleasant smile and he looked around, speaking something to the girl next to her.

His eyes then reached Aminah’s face. He looked at her, in fact, stared at her. There was a surprise and disbelief on his face.

Then Aminah recognized.

Ameer udeen.

Colonel Ameerudeen as he is called now

“Aminah!Is that you”. He said loudly and walked up to her.

His bold and strong voice made the people around give him a second look.

Shenaz and her sisters who had heard his voice also came out of the boutique wondering which relative had come.

Aminah was embarrassed yet happy to see him.

“Ameer udeen, couldn’t recognize you for a while.”Aminah said

‘Yes Aminah! I was in a bit of disbelief too!” Ameerudeen said.

Sohaib who had gone inside the house was surprised to find a stranger standing near his Mom on his return.

He walked up to them and introduced himself.“Assalamualikum,I'm Sohaib. Aminah’s son”

“Walikum salam, Nice to meet you young Man. I see you are smart and handsome like your father’’

Sohaib beamed with pride.‘Or have you gone after your Mother?”Ameerudeen laughed and said.

‘’Do you know our father?”Sohaib asked and felt relaxed with the topic of his Dad in the picture. As the scenario was looking something very out of the ordinary to him.

“Yes I know him. I and your father were classmates. And your Mother was in the same school as us.I suppose your father must have told you the story of how he fell for your Mom there and how he fulfilled the promise that he will make her his bride “Ameerudeen said.

I am aware of that ,"Sohaib said.

“Won’t Uncle be sad to know of the outcome of this famous story.”Sohaib thought to himself

‘Well, my boy I am the other part of the story which you all must have not heard about”Ameerudin said.

“Uh,I beg your pardon?”Sohaib asked, going red with embarrassment as he didn’t like the tone of what this stranger albeit handsome and smart gentleman was saying.

Ameerudin laughed.

Aminah stood in silence .She didn’t know to laugh or cry.

‘So how many children do you have Aminah?”Ameerudin asked, looking at her.

Shenaz, Menaz and Lamia who were
watching the conversation in shock and awe quickly walked up to them and introduced themselves .

“Nice to meet you young ladies, charming as your Mother”he girls blushed in embarrassment.

They had never in their whole life heard their mother being talked like that even though they knew she was very beautiful.

He turned to Sohaib and said “You my son look like Abdul Raheem and your sisters take after Aminah”

He then introduced his niece, whom herself was watching in amusement.

“This is Hina.My Sisters daughter”.

Hina was pretty looking girl in her twenties.

‘Why don’t you take her to the boutique girls?”Ameerudin said.

‘Let me catch up with your Mom, I will come by soon “He said

“Sohaib, why don’t you show her the store?”Lamia asked her brother.

None of them wanted to leave the company of Ameerudeen.

Sohaib looked at them in shock.

Just then Aminah spoke “I will show her the shop. Why don’t you sit down Ameerudeen.Get acquainted with my children .After all you are meeting them for the first time”

Aminah said and took Hina to the shop.

The Ladies and Sohaib stood silently next to Ameerudeen.

Lamia broke the silence by asking “What were you saying about you being the untold part?”

Shenaz and Menaz looked at their sister with an angrily. Lamia could never control her excitement.

Sohaib interrupted “ Uncle I will go and see how things are going in the shop and come back” and walked away.

Ameerudeen and Sohaib’s sisters understood his awkwardness.

“‘I am sorry children. I just got a bit too excited and carried away seeing Aminah after a long time”

“You never met her after school?”Shenaz asked.

“Of course I did. After all I am also from Kanpur. Then I got busy with the Army, and I felt I owed it to myself not to torture myself again and again.”He said matter of fact.

“I heard your Father remarried. It was very painful to hear that. Painful to think of what Aminah must have gone through. Even though I had willingly submitted defeat to your father’s aura and wealth to woo your Mother and her family. I always did fear, whether Abdul Raheem’s perfection induced personality will be able to be in patient with your Mother’s utter silliness and innocence. And sadly time proved that”said Ameerudeen said .

Aminah’s daughters stood speechless listening to him and thinking of the mismatch of fate.

The Question Why ? They decided they won’t ask destiny any more. They were just too pleased, relieved and immensely happy to be standing next to a man who was head over heels in love with their Mother.


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Jun 27, 2017
Silver lining
by: Anita

Every cloud has a silver lining...

Nov 08, 2013
Thanks for the feed back
by: Safia

Yes I wrote it in my pen name Reem.Thanks Vimala for the feed back.

Nov 08, 2013
by: vimalaramu

Safia, did you write this under the name Kreem? I found the story is a bit unfocussed and meandering.But it is a good peep into a different culture. An emancipated divorcee is a good change from what we normally hear.

Nov 05, 2013
Mixed feelings ;)
by: Tas

Achaa hay but u need to try sum thing new :))

Nov 04, 2013
Thank you
by: Safia

Thanks Kiran

Nov 04, 2013
by: Kiran Jhamb

Good read. I wish the son's character had been developed a bit more.Enjoyed the story.

Oct 31, 2013
Thank you
by: Safia

Thanks Kami!:)

Oct 31, 2013
Wonderful story
by: kamini

Its a wonderful story..the characters are so vivid n realistic :)...waiting to read more from you :)

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