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The Crucial Years of my Life

by Sundus Hussain
(Delhi, India)

Those were the days when my teenage was about to get over and in few years I would be an adult. The excitement and the changes in me during those days are not even explainable. I just passed my twelfth standard and was applying in different colleges for admission and finally got admission in one of the most prestigious courses in a renowned university…..

I still remember how I went with my elder sister to the internet cafe to check my result online and my sister started jumping in excitement as I got my name in the desired course…

Now came the first day of my college. I was excited to see and meet my new classmates. On the day of inauguration I saw the students of my class, I knew only one who was my schoolmate and the rest came from different States, schools and even different countries wearing different attires; some were in jeans some in suit salwar, some wearing brands and some were just as simple as me.

Coming from a lower middle class family and getting education from a government school I did not even know how to dress properly or how to sit and talk about various places, cuisines, brands etc. in the group. I barely had money to spend on myself and my classmates or with groups who used to go to party every other day which I could not even afford to go for. Slowly and slowly I started losing interest in them and their activities. By now I was being secluded and remained alone in the class, I became their topic of gossips,
and I used to cry and keep thinking about these things and was not even able to concentrate on studies. Being a girl it was very difficult for me to handle all these alone.

My sister started noticing these changes in me and she came to me for a serious discussion and she was heartbroken when she got to know about my worst experience. She being my all time support made me understand by saying “These things should not bother you, instead you should concentrate on your studies and stand out all”.

I did the same and started concentrating more on my studies and side by side I started giving tuitions also to take out my all day expenses and did not even used to take a single penny from home and including the travelling expenses I started managing on my own.

The time my friends used to party and chit chat I used it to earn and study.

Now the result came and I became the topper of the year. My excitement was beyond my limits. My sister was on cloud nine too.

Now my classmates started talking to me; most of them tried to be friends with me by asking me to go out with them for movies, shopping etc, but now despite having money, I don’t go with them as I am not made for such world that life is not mine that fake world is not for me, instead of going out with them I prefer to be with my sister and younger brother and having parties with them at home and enjoy to the fullest.

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Aug 19, 2018
Seems True story
by: Your Name: Shailendra Singh

Facing those moments is very hard and the way siater made you understand is outstanding.

Aug 13, 2018
Good job
by: Your Name:

Loved it....
All the best

Aug 11, 2018
by: Your Name:

This is the reality of life
So beautifully written

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