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The Graduation of Love

by Preethi Peter

It was ten past five o clock in the evening. Everybody was waiting anxiously for the bride Irene. The groom Michael dressed up in a black smoking suit, was restless. Calls made to reach the bride were useless. Michael was clueless about the reason for this delay.

“How could Irene be late?? How much hard they had to fight to convince their parents for this marriage!!!! How we dreamt of this special moment in our lives!”

Michael was in a cocktail of emotions.

Michael works as a sales manager at a shop in Paris. Irene came to Paris to do her Masters degree in Engineering. They had common friends and that is how Michael met Irene a year back on Christmas Eve in church. They began talking as friends and within two months they realised that they were in love. They enjoyed being in each others company and were madly in love.

Irene was very attached to her parents. Theirs family was close knit. Being the only daughter she was given all that was asked for. Everyone in her family was well educated and working in educational institutions. She was a very bright student all her life receiving distinctions and gold medals. She had a very organised and disciplined childhood.

Michael s life was quite contrary. His family immigrated to France when he was young. He never had a liking for books. He hated going to school. His family was a very simple, fun loving and happy family. He loves his work and his life.

Irene loved Michael’s family. He had four brothers. She loved to spend time with the family.

She decided to talk to her parents about her love and her decision to get married. She spoke to her
mother on phone and conveyed her thoughts. Her parents were furious on hearing this. Their dream of having a PHD son-in-law was shattered. They could not imagine a degree less boy working in a shop to be the husband for their educated daughter. Fights and emotional blackmails followed.

Irene was very strong in her decision. She made her parents see how much happiness Michael brought into her life.

Her parents decided to meet Michael in person. They flew to Paris. After spending time with Michaels family they realised that education alone cannot bring comfort and happiness in life. Michael was a very good hearted and a happy person. Above all, he loved Irene more than anybody. Her parents were surprised to see Irene extremely happy with Michael and his family.

And finally they agreed for the wedding to take place for only one reason: the happiness of Irene.

After a month of wedding preparations here they are waiting for the bride to arrive for their wedding mass.

Michael was beginning to think of horrible things...

“Could Irene have had an accident?? Oh God!!! Why test us so much??”

He had his eyes closed tight, praying to god. He suddenly heard someone shout ... and there was Irene as beautiful as a princess in her white frock and pink flowers that adorned her head. She was drenched in sweat. They were late because of the traffic jam and her mobile had no charge.

And here they were at the altar as a man and woman full of love getting married …..

What a joyous moment it was to graduate to husband and wife in their lives……

They had a wonderful wedding and thus began a fairytale of love with a happily ever after....

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Feb 06, 2013
by: Safia

Nice one!

Feb 05, 2013
God bless them
by: Jitendra Mathur

God bless the bride and the groom of your story. Thanks for sharing this tale with us all.Nicely written.

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