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The Scorpios of the Zodiac

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

As Scorpion season commenced on 22nd of October I started feeling this strange urge to dedicate atleast one article of my life to the Scorpios of the Zodiac. (I am not one myself as I am a cusp of Virgo and Libra.) I wanted to write this because I managed only three best friends in my entire life of 35 years and two of them are Scorpios.

The first Scorpio entered my life right when I was 3 years of age and the second one when I was 12 and since then till date my love for them and our frienship remain unperturbed. Having seen them and known them closely I have felt that Scorpios are the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. There isn't a sign more dedicated than them in relationships. This is one sign(along with Pisces) which will give all to a relationship without turning back to see if it is acknowledged. Selfless love with no expectations is the strength only a Scorpio can have. If they feel love for you then they will protect you even without trying to get it noticed. You know it is a Scorpio If someone stood in between you and the sun beaming straight in to your eyes, without you even knowing about it.

They are wrongly considered rude and introverts while the truth is that they are very scared of being hurt and broken as a result of which they keep their emotions cocooned and let out only for someone they have truly assessed to deserve their love and attention. So basically what looks rude in reality is kind of a precaution due to which they prefer subtlety and silence.

This sign is extremely sensitive and might face a turn off from you, if hurt, without any effort to understand your side of the story, even if you are the closest they have been to. Then one fine day their intellect will knock and they will suddenly realise your side of the story. But then you have to guess it on your own that you are forgiven and they would not tell you that they are guilty of misunderstanding you.(I am all set to be beaten up for this paragraph).

Their intuition is stronger than anyone I know but thanks to their mind which is always cautious about society and the world around, they completely ignore the little voice in their head,telling them the truth and trying to protect them, and then land up agreeing to it only once they have already faced the setback. Their mind and inutition are mostly warring unless they take up a mentor or self analysis for spiritual growth.

It is not that I have not had Scorpio enemies(they are lethal as enemies mind it) but the beauty of it is that if a Scorpio enemy has been a friend or lover in the past they will never ever stop having that soft corner for you due to which even when the whole thing will get worse they will do only self defense and will never counter attack to hurt you only because they will always remain thankful to you for the good times you gave them.

Their honesty in relationships would be visible from the loyalty they will maintain in the same relationships despite all the bruises and pains given to them. Their strength at the same time is rock solid for they can cry over a broken heart, all night, and still attend a meeting in the morning, looking all bright and cheerful.

Being a friend to these Scoros has been a pleasure(and some pain)however I have always felt blessed to have had such amazing friends. These two lovely people have never judged me, never criticised or tried to change me and have always been the first ones to shout out to me and cheer me up when I achieved something. I have had friends who have changed their behaviour with me in presence of outsiders, denied my success to please others and hurt me But these two Scorpios have always held me firm both in my highs and lows of life. They have heard me patiently and told me that I can do it. For me my two Scorpion best friends are the lifelines of my soul. Unfortunate is someone who doesn't have a Scorpio's love in life. Iam blessed to have not one but two Scorpios, the most misunderstood people of the Zodiac.

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