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The Wall and 2 other Poems

by Subhash Chandra Bandyopadhyay
(Kolkatta, West Bengal, India)

The Wall

The wall is indicating to stop,
The wall-rigid, formidable, stone cold,
I look over and continue,
It resisting me and I resisting it,
So a skirmish occurs and a bullet-
made friendship with my body.
I fell down at the bottom of the wall,
My soul released from my dead body
starts flying like a bird
higher and higher.
Finally it crosses the wall and-
lands on the other side of the wall,
where there is no wall.

Love Unconquered

Will you accompany me?
Then why did you call me?
At this wee hour of late autumn,
When the hill top is covered in snowy mist,
And suddenly our succulent time was all spent,
You be there,let the memories be there too!
Let the withered love gloomily oscillate in self doubt
If our joint safari does not mature due to rude denial-
Still I shall cross all the lush green fields,
Keeping my endless love for you embodied deep inside my heart!

In Return

When I was very young, while walking behind
You, seemed so big to me.
I always wanted to grasp your fingers,
as if they were my only refuge.
Then I started walking side by side but
still didn't dare not to grab your hand.
Time came when I set my footmarks surpassing you,
You could not match the stride of mine,
That was the beginning of your becoming my follower,
Now when I audit your past I find it so insignificant,so triffle,
You appear to me very fragile almost a tinman,
On the contrary I feel my own image becoming larger and larger
Out of compassion I even allow you to keep your hand on my shoulder
You gave plenty of affection and care in rearing me
In return I can only give you pity!


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