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To a Chimney

by Avijit Roy
(Palta, India)

Mendicant palace, cosy by window,
Frugal sun-beams, preys on shadow.
Vernal bliss breathes in life anew,
Strikes my wonder, a sun-bathed view.
An ancient edifice mocks the boast around,
Woven structures that sweep the ground.
Brick cells in arrays, stands the dark urn,
Melancholy sentry, infolds a hoary burn.
Eighty clings upon a score old beard,
Grows that outcast along the yard.
Crested crown serves lofty nestling seat,
Dusky womb conceives on chirping feast.
Sorrow laden chimney does hang quaint,
Adore my lone-dwell like a window-paint


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