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by Svatee Bedi

He looked out of the window,like always.She clad in a lovely blue saree, was rushing to catch a bus to work. The curls in her hair were flowing in the air, a slight sweat trickled on her face. Riya looked beautiful as always.He looked at her tensed face. How he loved her.He saw her getting on the bus,and then she looked more relaxed.

Vikram turned away from the window once he saw the bus passing away.

Vikram was a senior manager in one of the leading multinational companies. He had reached this position at quite an early age.
He was in love with Riya, who was also working with him in the same office. He had never told Riya about his love for her. And the day he had decided to express his love to her was the day he was asked to leave his job.

His Company couldn’t afford him anymore, as it was undergoing huge losses. He was aghast on hearing this. Vikram was told that he was a talented person,and could easily secure a job somewhere else and maybe at a better position.
He was now depressed and didn’t have the courage to tell Riya anything.

It had been two months since he had lost his job. The situation in the market was grim,and looking for the same position was difficult.
Vikram used to look at Riya daily from his window. He wanted to go and tell her about his love, but now didn’t have the courage to tell her anything. There were times, when he felt like dying. He couldn’t think of loving any other girl other than Riya.

The whole day passed for him,like any other day as the past two months, with a sense of both fear and anxiety. By the evening,he was in complete despair and had lost all hope for himself.

In the state of utter dismal, Vikram picked up the bottle of poison lying near him.
Suddenly,the doorbell rang.

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Jun 17, 2018
The doorbell rang and .....?
by: Dhananjay D

Really nice and crisp story. The pure feeling of loving someone is captured beautifully. Also the struggles of corporate world are so common and relatable. What happens in the last sentence of the story was unexpected, but it's still not the end, I am curious what happens after the door bell rings?

Dec 17, 2017
Bittersweet Gripping story -Vikram
by: Yashshri Bhavsa

Reader has to put subtle hints dropped beautifully with a smooth flow and a gripping twist - adding life to character Vikram.

Sep 19, 2017
Nice story
by: Ishita

Very nicely written :)

Sep 19, 2017
Short and crisp
by: Neelam bedi

Story is short and crisp. End is imaginable. Good attempt by writer.

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