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What If

by Gauri

I imagine you flying in the sky
Riding pillion with a hippie guy
A yelping poodle by your side
You go whirring through cloud and creek.

An empty place at the dinner table
One cup less of sugared tea.
A waning smile and guilt all over
What if, sends shivers down the spine

I hear your voice once again
How silly of me not to have recorded it
But you were young and strong and bold
It wasn't going to be your turn yet.

You went a long time I guess
The night you wept like an orphaned child
The night you held my hand and slept
Soothing me with your lullaby.

You were gone a long time I know
Its our hypocrisy that we never mourned
Every time you flinched for us
We were busy with a social cause.

All I can do is beautify a verse
Pour the rantings of my thrashing mind
Share your news with a select few
Hoping that may change things for us.

Are you at peace where you roam?
Do dates and figures daunt you still?
The performance report you know its due
Do you still speak in your sleep?

I have a picture of you in an old album
The funny face you always made
Make it once and make me laugh
Put an end to my 'what if' pain.

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Jul 06, 2013
by: nuggehallipankaja

Your poem is so moving,it brought tears to my eyes

Jul 04, 2013
by: Tanuja chatterjee

Its not easy I know, your words just touched my soul. Simply marvellous! Loved it n read it over n over n over. Please don't forget to carve out another poem making 'what ifs" the springboard to your happiness.

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