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Who is the more confused Desi-contd

by Sudha Chandrasekaran
(Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Then again when these children grow up, the Indian parents start to feel the loss of authority over their kids in the process of selection of their life partner. Their fears may be imaginary or real…. “No BMW, I cautioned my daughter,” said Anita, whom I met at dinner during my recent trip to the US.” What is that now?” I enquired. “Well it means ‘No Black, Muslim or White (BMW) matches allowed. This phrase is a combination of both obsessions, that of car and racism that is highly prevalent in the Indian American community.”

The fact remains that these NRIs do possess more materialistic things than Indians in living India. On the contrary, in India, while those may be achieved, there are other slews of things that come automatically when living in India: family love and sense of belongingness…These cannot be bought by any amount of money. It is left to the NRI parents to decide as to which taste is more alluring for their children...the Indian Halwa or the American Apple pie?


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