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by Gayatri Devulapalli
(Bangalore, India)

YOU brought me into this world
Full of promises and dreams
Of lovely sunrises, blooming flowers
Of growing tall and growing strong

YOU made me believe that love exists
That Humanity drives this world
That being good is what I must do
That giving pain to others is wrong

YOU sent me to school to learn
Geography,History, English
To Play, to make friends
To build the future of my country.

BUT when I saw those eyes
My dreams vanished
He asked me for my blood
To quench his thirst of revenge

I gave it away and I saw his eyes
Those eyes I had seen somewhere
They were YOURS

YOU showed me rainbow near the horizon
You let me feel the warm sun
You let me experience love
You gave me parents

Then YOU asked me come to You
You watched me drown in the deep sea
THEY did it but it was YOU

WHY? What is YOUR plan?


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