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You Too Will Fall in Love

by Suman Siwach
(Jorhat, India)

There will be a day in life
When you too will fall in love
Amateur you will write status
As no experience until then you’ll hold
To fall to love somebody so dear
That your existence would just disappear.
True may be the things they say
You got to loosen up a part of you
To make him your own
To let him be your heart’s core.
Then, on a day you see
Hear, smell and perceive him everywhere
It isn't for you have been in love too much
But more for his habit you have formed.
Now, you want him by your side
By the day and dreamy nights
You slowly get drugged by his presence
Until the day separation happens!
Then, you stand in tears alone
Thinking that you won’t sustain when he is gone.
You once again are wronged by life
As you are alive but in a new pain rife.
Everyday you want to get rid of his love
As more pain your heat can't glove.
Slowly you fight and disagree with him on call
Then you decide he isn’t your man
This is the time to forget all.
As he is too distant to just love and have no more
That is how you lose the man you found to love
As the mistake is neither about man who left
Nor of the separation too
Also didn’t the love caught you up too much
It was just for the reason alone
That Love did not find you but you did on your own!


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