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Zacharaus Zap-5

by Subhadeep Bandyopadhyay
(Kolkata, India)

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The next day, Zap woke up early in the morning and declared to Abozad “pack your luggage, boss we are going back!”
“That means you are accepting defeat!”
“I promise you just one thing, that as we leave we will be closest to the truth. Before going back, remind me that I need to buy a comic book from the book store, we visited when we arrived in Pritampur.Really! I have forgotten to laugh all these days.”
“Sometimes I don’t understand you. At the moment when you are about to lose, you want to laugh!!”
“Yes Dr.Abozad Watson!,oh sorry when was the last time you went to a doctor”
“Sir, when at your service!”
I assure you that whatever be the outcome of the case you will not go disappointed. Stay calm and watch on.
They reached the book store but found instead of Mr Listings, his nephew a young lad of about twenty three was at the counter, even the two helpers of Mr listings were nowhere at sight.
For a moment zaps eyes scanned the appearance of Mr Listings nephew and thereafter handed him the watch, he was wearing on his left wrist and the gentleman gave him a book in return.

Though Abozad understood nothing his curiosity increased many folds.

“Can you please explain to me what exactly transpired between you and Mr listings nephew?” asked he to Zap as the guard whistled and the train started moving.
Let me put it straight and simple, you just met the man!
You mean the suspect
No he is not the suspect anymore, he is an artist today I understood he is a worthy actor too. Had he been in the world, in which we revolve so much he would have been the smartest criminal.
Please elucidate I did not get anything!
Remember the moment we set foot in Pritampur we went to Mr Listings shop and saw two suitcases. I then had a hunch then my watch stopped working and I brought the battery for my watch from the shop just beside Mr. Listings.
Oh well yes!

May I announce now that the faces of the watch mechanic, father Ignasius, Mr listings nephew, Gangakaka, Ramavataar, add to this the kids presumed guardian all belongs to the same self.

How can that happen?
He had placed a battery cum locator in my watch and was knowing and keeping track on our movements and studying our intentions. He knew people would come to Pritampur to locate him because it was he who was behind publishing the presence of the suspect in the newspaper through his reporter friend Ms.Jaalmani of the daily the Trap
Then why did he run away from his house
Because in the courtyard of his house some dacoits had hidden the money they had looted from the bank. Some people of the agency were also involved in the robbery. So they required time to make ways to remove the wealth from there. Their plans were put to dust when our man bought the house with his savings. So they planted cameras in his house and made a false case against him and willfully converted him in to a suspect, so that one day he ends up in jail or asylum and can never run away with the money if he found it in the courtyard. On the other hand they can part with the booty at their favorable time. But somehow by insight he understood their plans and disappeared and this lead to reshuffling of the investigation team and I took birth for your esteemed readers and the rest you know for sure.
How did you come to know all this?
Your coming and telling me that the suspect having come with the suitcases made me remember the shop of Mr. Listings where I had seen similar kind of stuff and the rest our suspect helped us through his poem, the meaning of which I deciphered.

What comic book he then gave you?
It is actually his poetry book see, which will help us to locate the money and the culprits. He handed it to us when he understood that we are the right people.
Then what should we tell the agency?
E-mail them that the news appears to be a hoax and the suspect never appeared in the town of Pritampur.This will help us to buy a little more time and since we do not have any idea who are the people involved from the agency in this, so this bit of information which I shared with you should go classified.
That way they will consider you a failure.
Is it, they laughed and winked with both eyes.
The train they boarded had covered a reasonable distance.


NOTE-The author would like to state that the characters, incidents or place of action have emerged from his imagination and bears no resemblance in part or totality to any real counterparts either living or dead in past, present or future. Readers are advised to show discretion and not to co-relate it with anything of that nature. Purely a fiction.

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