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part 4

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In the centre of the open field, the stage was set and a row of chairs were placed for the guests, digniteries, parents and well wishers. The enthusiasm of the children and their parents was apparent enough as they expected their kids to perform well in the competitions’ that were about to take place.

The pleasing site of a child rehearsing for the poetry competition with his guardian standing beside him caught zap’s attention in the midst of all the fan fare.
“The kid appears to be very intelligent, isn’t it?”, asked Abozad
“Ya!”, Zap replied.
Soon the programme started. The song and dance competition was followed by the organizers short address. Then after a small skit started the poetry recitation. The kid who was noticed by them with his guardian was now in the stage and in his childish voice started the poem…………………………….

What those vapours echoed in a pot of vapid rust,
The imagination, boiled in variegated brew, converted it in to wave of thought.
Through the trolleys came the light, neurons collided and made an image as bright,
Rushed the air from the otiose lungs, thus came the dream at sight.
The prince’s ruled and the vices charmed,
Outweighed rebellion traversed the waters luke warmed.
Frosted beauty divulged in equation;
Masterly notched in pockets of elation,
Layered logged in obvious notation,
Pragmatic woes looked virtuous in expectation.
Thus as happened before the end of night of song,
The scent of memories washed away a twitch too wronged.
What followed was a bubble infused in a pantomime of a kind,
Hacked was not the soul enough but just the subtle mind!

Hey, hey, hey hold on! How can a kid write a poem so complex and matured for his age, and it appears very similar to the poem “In search of the depth of light”, by the suspect”, thought zap
After the kid finished reciting the poem zap and Abozad approached him.

“Beta tell us how come you write and recite such a complex poem as this!”
“No uncle, this is not my poem came to know about the competition today only as I was absent for a few days due to illness. Seeing me cry an uncle came and gave this poem and encouraged me to recite!”
“Was the uncle, the same person who was standing beside you?”
“Again he eluded us!”, screamed zap
“Who!, asked Abozad
“Who else….. Our suspect!!! Zap had never trembled this much throughout his life.
After returning to his room zap attached the plugs of his walkman to his ear and started listening to his favorite music to soothe his being he knew he was pitted against a very strong rival, who will take a test of his witts.This is first case could well establish his credentials as a strong willed detective or simply ruin his career.
With a burning cigarette in hand,he looked straight in to the eyes of abozad as if he wanted to tell “I will be successful because I am not habituated to failures!”


Zacharus Zap is continued in Part 5