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___________________________________________________________ Safia.A.R.from Doha, Qatar- Safia is a happy mom and stays with her family in Doha, Qatar after leaving Bangalore which was her home for about 7 years. She has been writing for about 9 years and an article on Ramadan was published in Bangalore based Islamic Voice paper. Safia has also attended a writing workshop conducted by College of North Atlantic Qatar. She is excited to be a part of this site and wishes to contribute more. Safia also writes in her pen name Reem. 

Sahil M. Beg from Bareilly, UP, India- Sahil is a 16 year old student. He writes poems.  

Sanghamitra Basu Patra from IndiaSanghamitra is a student of Clinical Psychology....Her favorite time pass is writing. She started writing recently.  

Shefali Patel from Mumbai, India - Shefali  is studying in Mumbai for her second year of the Bachelor in Mass Media course. She has learnt photography and loves to explore new possibilities and avenues of learning. She is an articulate observer and loves anything to do with creativity.

Shraddha Gupta from Kolkata, India- Shraddha  lives in Kolkata and is in the 12th grade. Creative, energetic and articulate, she likes penning stories, traveling, eating out and listening to music.

Shruti S from Pondicherry, India-  Shruti has loved writing, since she was able to hold the pencil.  At school and college, she used to participate in elocution, poetry and essay writing competitions. She loves reading - mythology, fiction, poetry, history, classics, and her evergreen favourites being children's comics.  Her love for poetry stemmed from understanding the lyrics of songs, from then it is love-forever. She is a Pediatric Physiotherapist from Chennai, aspiring to write more regularly - hoping that she builds a strong balance in the family-career see-saw.  

Sneha Subramanian Kanta from Mumbai, India -  To Sneha, writing is like breathing. Sneha has done MA English Literature and also has worked as Correspondent and Sub Editor with Media companies, and Special Educator Associate with an NGO. She has written for magazines like Chitralipi, Silhoutte and New Quest (journal). She is interested in getting into research about Indian Literature and pursue a career in the field of education. 

Stella Satish from Trivandrum, India - Wife of a Pastor, she shares her life changing experience through her  story.

 Smit Zaveri from Bangalore,India -  Smit is a College student currently pursuing her final year in Communication studies. A jack of all and master of none, she dabbles with writing, photography and film. She also loves baking and would love to see her two very different worlds collide one day, Her blog -    

 Sriram from Netherlands - A chemical engineer, a typical south Indian from the lignite city of Tamil Nadu - Neyveli and a proud NITTian, living in Amsterdam. Having just entered the professional world, writing is an indulgence and a something that he really enjoys.

Shubha Praveen from Cochin, India - Shubha is married, a mother of two daughters, working as a Project Manager in an IT company. Recently ventured into writing.    

Suriakumari from Bangalore,India - A  Retd Bank employee, Suriakumari is a postgraduate in Economics and  a mother of two grown up sons.       

Sarika Tyagi from Noida, India - With an MBA degree, after working as an IT professional for 8 years,currently Sarika is a homemaker taking care of her two sons. She is constantly trying her hand at new skill sets. She learnt quilling from the internet. She is constantly looking for new things to take up. She loves to paint. She is a decent untrained singer. She has also coached some people through their life's crisis using the skill sets she acquired over a period of time through training and development programs. Sarika loves reading books and loves to live life because this moment is never going to come back to us.  

Shietal Ramesh from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India - Shietal is an Economics student at Symbiosis School of Economics. She is an ardent reader of Detective novels and a rookie in the field of writing.

Shwetha Srinivasan from Salem, TN - Shwetha is a  a second year engineering student in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She is  very passionate about writing and aspire to become a journalist later on in life.

Sourav Ghosh from Kolkata, India-  Sourav is an 18-year  student and an aspiring writer.

Sarmishtha De from Silchar, Assam, India - Sarmishtha holds a Master degree in Life Science. She is a nature lover and discovered her love for writing poetry during her school days and still finds it as the best way to express herself. Now and then she scribbles her thought in her blog. (

Saroja Vasanth from Bangalore - A former technical writer, Saroja is more interested in writing non-technical and has published many articles through various article publishing Indian websites. Born and brought up in a cosmopolitan city of Bangalore She is open to write on various topics and writing short stories is one of her favorites. She holds a graduation in Microbiology. She is an avid reader of books and likes romance genre the more, and hence she prefers writing romantic short stories, all though she wants to work on mystery as well. She spends her free time by reading books, browsing and writing.

Saikiran Kumar from Thane, Maharashtra, India - Originally from Andhra Pradesh, Saikiran is a freelance writer, poet and critic. He has authored a book titled 'Amtaryaanam' - collection of his poems in Telugu. He is also a founding member of a popular Telugu Portal - a Telugu Literature based website.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, Delhi, India -  Formerly, Associate Professor of English at University of Delhi, Dr. Subhash Chandra has published about 30 short stories in Indian and foreign journals and has also published four critical books, the latest being Lesbian Voices: Canada and the World: Theory, Literature, Cinema. He has presented research papers at conferences in Australia,Canada,Hong Kong,Israel, and Nepal,and has also guest edited a special issue (No.22) on ‘Women and Gender’ of Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, a refereed E journal published from Australian National University, Canberra.(Free access).He is on the Advisory Board of Intersections.

Subhadeep Bandyopadhyay from Kolkata, India - Born on 1 June 1982 in Kharagpur, Subhadeep started writing at the age of 16. Working at Tata Consultancy Services as AM Analyst he has working experience spanning 5 years. His stories have got published in blogs and other websites. He has written 10 short stories so far. 

Suja Koshy from Mumbai, India- Suja is a graduate and a teacher by profession. 

Soma Hegdekatte from Bangalore is a Law student with an interest in writing.

Suyash Saxena from Delhi - Suyash is a Graduate in Physics from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi. He is presently pursuing M.A. in Philosophy at Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has published poems and articles in various journals and newspapers such as The Hindu, The Speaking Tree etc. and in websites.

Sangeetha Nandagopal from Bangalore - Sangeetha is an amateur in the field of writing, where equipped with curiosity and persistence she aims to learn the magic of words to create magical potions someday.

Stuti Jamwal from U.K - Presently a house wife and mother to two young children after working more than ten years in the IT industry. Reading and writing fiction is a passion. She loves  stories with some psychological suspense and also realist themes.

Sujaya Mohan from Bangalore, India - Sujaya hails from a charming little town called Hubli, which is in the northern part of Karnataka. She holds an MBA in Finance and is working in the IT industry. She is married and has  a 2 year old daughter. She loves reading thrillers. Just like millions of other mothers around the world, she  too is on the lookout for the fabled work-life balance.

Sanjana Raheja from Indore, India - Sanjana loves writing and reading. She is still a teen.  And she seriously hopes people will like her work.

Sravya  Rapaka from Hyderabad, India - Sravya is an environmental engineer by day and an avid reader and writer by night.

Shubha Shanbag from Mumbai, India - Shubha is happily married for last two years and she is  based out of Mumbai, currently working as a senior consultant with one of the reputed Environment Consulting Firms.

Shrushti Andhare from Mumbai, India -  Shrushti is  an engineering student.  She loves to write .Just recently she has started writing articles and she hopes  people love reading it.

Svatee Bedi from Mumbai, India - Svatee is a software Engineer working in an MNC.

Srijaya N Char from Bangalore, India-  Srijaya Char is a retired Joint Director of Academy and Administration of a prestigious educational Institution in Bangalore, India  with MA (English) M.Ed (Education). Also has a certificate of translation from the Institution of Translation Studies, Bangalore. She also writes articles and short stories for both children and adults, and poems. Since her retirement she has been doing online translations and proof reading.  She is also a regular contributor to the Education Page of Deccan Herald.

Sreesha Divakaran from Bangalore, India-  Sreesha is a writer of short stories and a poet. Her works have been published in anthologies and a collection of her poetry titled Those Imperfect Strokes has also been recently published. She blogs at

Soma Bose from Pune, India- Soma is an amateur writer,some writings are published in,,,Amazon Kindle e-book and Kobo e-pub.

Smriti Mukherjee from Chennai, India- Smriti is a 1st year BSc Chemistry student in Women's Christian College, Chennai. She cherishes reading the works of various writers and it's the writings of Dan Brown and Harper Lee that has put her into writing. She is also an amateur artist and loves speaking and addressing crowds.

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