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Sanjoy Dutt from Portland, USA

Sanjoy, an engineer and sales professional is passionate about traveling to historical places and the Himalayas. For the last ten years he has been writing travelogues and short stories for various magazines. Website-

Sahar Raza from Bangalore, India

Sahar is a 33 year old mother of two, loves writing about the seemingly mundane lives of married Indian women.

Dr. Saranya Kannan from Teni, Tamilnadu, India 

Saranya is  a veterinary doctor with a postgraduate degree. 

Dr.Sunanda  Chatterjee from Arcadia, USA

Sunanda is  a freelance author, blogger, ex-Indian Air Force physician, and a practicing pathologist. Her short stories have appeared in She is the author of The Vision, a women's fiction novel, and she is planning to publish another novel in January 2016. She grew up in Bhilai, India, and now lives in Arcadia, California.

Sayantani Saha from New Delhi, India

Sayantani is a PhD student at IIT Delhi and a passionate writer, and does research not only in Chemical Engineering but also while writing stories and forming characters.

Shwetha Krish from Bangalore, India

Shwetha is a freelance writer. After working as a Human Resource Professional, she is pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid trekker, blogger and a budding photographer as well. She has a couple of her Travel articles published in Deccan Herald newspaper. Shwetha blogs at

Sihi Manoj from Bangalore, India

Sihi is an employee of  corporate life.  She is also an avid reader and lover of books, who loves to write when her heart pushes the words out of the pen forming into a chain string of words forming a lovely experience. .

Sonali Pradhan from Gurgaon, India

Sonali is a management graduate specializing in HR aimed in having a long career in the corporates but wouldn’t agree to being a regular. She has always being keen on penning down her thoughts. Doesn’t believe in shackles of society and hates to be called normal.Sonali stays in Gurgaon with her husband and is currently is a proud home maker.

Shanmugapriya Loganathan from Singapore

Shanmugapriya is a software engineer with 9+ yrs of experience in the industry.

Sri Ram Kumar from Hyderabad, India

Sri Ram is a student in Haindavi College and ICAI.

Shrestha Dutta from West Bengal, India

Shrestha is a School Student. 

Sangeetha Rathore from Indore, India

Sangeetha is a  simple girl, who loves to write. She dreams  of publishing her own book of short stories. 

Shilpa Nair from Dubai, UAE

Shilpa is a Gold medalist in M.Sc (Chemistry), now happily a full-time housewife who loves teaching her 6-year old daughter and at the same time likes being taught by her about the little things that brings happiness in life.  

Surabhi Kaushik from Bangalore, India

Surabhi has been a copywriter in advertising agencies in India for the past 10 years.  She also loves to write fiction and her stories have been published in Woman’s Era magazines in India. After moving to the U.S. her poetry has been published in www.writer’ and short stories in and

Dr. Subashri Vinod from Chennai, India

Dr. B.Subashri is with M.Tech, Ph.D. 

Smeetha Bhoumik from Mumbai, India

Smeetha is a Mumbai based artist and a poet, with a background in Science & Management. She paints the universe in all its magical mysterious colours of star forming regions, supernovae, galaxies & globular clusters; believes we are all made of star dust, and that this oneness is our beauty ! Her poetry speaks softly for the vulnerable.

She is the founder of Women Empowered-India and puts forth WE-i's vision as that of resource creation, shared learning and an empowering network of individuals that will be a powerful tool for change in years to come.

Sowmya Suresh from Nanuet, United States

Sowmya loves writing from a very young age. She likes to think she is a master of many things including making up words. To start with she has two masters degrees. She cooks, keeps house, codes and programs, and until recently used to write specifications for Information Systems for a living. Having travelled extensively, she has self-assimilated the cultural nuances of various unsuspecting anthropological groups and stealthily continues to put down her impressions in her writing.

Shiny Hoque from Kolkata, India

Shiny is a Teacher as well as a student. She has been an avid reader right from childhood.Books and Shiny are never apart.

Sheeba Jasmine Albert from Kuwait

Sheeba  is currently in Kuwait working in a Research Institute. Hailing from Trivandrum, she is an avid reader and find an immense sense of pleasure in penning down her thoughts. She started writing at the age of 9 beginning with small poems. She dreams of publishing her poems and stories.

Sampurna Biswas from Kolkata, India

Sampurna is  presently a student of Presidency University pursuing Master's Degree in English literature. Sampurna is  passionate about writing and submitting articles on various topics.

Shefali SK from Bangalore, India

Shefali is working as lecturer in Psychology at SDM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Science.  She is a counselor at SDM Nature Cure Hospital.  She has great love towards writing and has contributed articles to Deccan Herald News paper.

Sonalika Arora from Amritsar, India

Sonalika describes herself as "A software tester by profession, but a writer at heart." Currently pursuing her Masters in English, alongwith her job, she hopes some day to switch to writing as her full time job. She has  also been a part of Jaipur Literature Festival Blogging team 2016. Her book reviews have appeared on and views on news magazine. She blogs at

Sheela Mysore Srinivasa Murthy from Canada

Sheela is a software engineer, a mother of lovely twin daughters. She is also a  chef, a cleaner, a chauffeur, a doctor, a teacher, a friend, a punching bag, a story teller and a dream weaver depending on the time and need. A huge bollywood fan who is now getting used to the cold weather in Canada.

Sharmila Roy Ghosal,  Dehradun, India

Sharmila is a  short story writer for several magazines like Woman's Era, Magic Pot,Children's World and many more.

Sagunthala Rachuri from Nagpur, India

Sagunthala is a housewife and is interested in writing. 

Saionee Mitra from Bengaluru, India

Saionee has done  Master Degree in English Literature. Though not a professional writer, writing is something she thoroughly enjoys. In India, women face tribulations. So the main subject matter of her writing is the struggle that women in our society faces. So she hopes that her  writing would be a tiny bit for them.

Sowmya Dhanwada  from Boulder, USA

Sowmya is an undergraduate student  majoring in Biology at the University of Boulder. She had been writing poems on mental issues and teenage problems. Her poems have been published on Tajmahal Review, Poets Unlimited,  Thrive Global, and other places. She currently serves as Poetry Editor for Honors Journal, Cu Boulder’s prestigious annual interdisciplinary, student-run publication sponsored by the Honors Program under the supervision of a faculty sponsor and the Director of the Honors Program.

Shreya Sathe from Nagpur, India

Shreya is an engineer preparing for her post  graduation. She loves reading and writing and has published several poems in English newspapers. She also has a collection of verses written in Hindi. They are something really close to her heart and hence, special.

Suneet Paul from Faridabad, India

Suneet is  a short story writer and editor of an architectural magazine. His stories have been published in various magazines in the country. Painting is a hobby for him.

Sandhyaa V from Mysuru, India

Sandhyaa is a Graduate in Life Sciences with a flair for writing, and equally interested in sketching and photography. She finds IWW to be an awesome platform to express her 'thoughts' and 'skills'.

Sharbani Suresh from Vadodara, India

Sharbani is a geologist by profession, but loves to write from  the experiences she had  whilst meeting people and travelling and observing.  She loves nature and the five essential elements of Earth, like herbs, the solar system, cooking, singing, dancing. She also loves  crosswords though has  never solved a full crossword. She doesn't believe in ghosts but  believes in strong human emotions and the ploy that leads to making them do evil things. She has a flair in introspection (self). She is curious about human emotions, believes  in love, blessings and compassion rather than luck. 

Sebin Mathew from Mumbai, India

Sebin is an Instrumentation Engineer working with a private firm in Mumbai with 6+ years of experience.

Suyasha Singh from Hyderabad, India

Suyasha is a Research Scholar in the department of Philosophy, currently residing in the city of pearls Hyderabad studying in University of Hyderabad. She is  an aspiring writer whose imagination was provided with a kick start by readings in Existentialism. She is  a Hill and tea lover.

Shweta Joshi Dixit from Mumbai, India

Shweta is a Mumbai based Corporate professional and is a  passionate reader and writer of indian Mythology and History. 

Swapna Gopinath from Mumbai, India

Swapna  reads and writes and thinks about gender identities and cultural contexts.. involves actively in women's issues..

Shubh Rana from Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Shub Rana is a 14 year old girl from DP School, Vadodara. She has been writing since two years and her work has appeared on Podar Times and Champak. 

Sonalika Singh from Singrauli, India

Sonalika is a a Law student currently pursuing her course from a recognized university.

Shraddha Satyapal from Melbourne, Australia 

Shraddha is a writer/blogger by profession.  She has lived in Mumbai all her life, now recently shifted to Melbourne, Australia.  However being away from home & family evokes emotions that have managed to translate itself into poetry.

Sreya Sarkar from Buffalo Grove, United States

After spending many years writing non-fiction policy articles for newspapers as a public policy analyst, Sreya started penning short stories, several of which have got published in U.S. and Indian literary magazines. Sreya lives in Chicago with her husband and seven-year old son and is working on her first full-length novel. 

Dr .Sukarma Rani Thareja from UP, India

Dr  Sukarma Rani Thareja is an Associate Professor(Retd) of chemistry from  Christ
Church College, CSJM Kanpur Uni. Kanpur, UP, India. She did Ph.D Chemistry from IIT-K , India. 
Her academic venture  as an artist and photographer has featured in the form of book(paper back) "Science of Life and Nature"  which is available on Amazon. For more details please check her website -

Shreemoyee Roy from Kolkata, India

Shreemoyee holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Technology discipline from a reputed University. He is passionate about writing short stories and poems in his mother tongue (Bengali). Nature photography is also his hobby.

Saloni Maheshwari from Jaipur, India

Saloni holds degrees-  BBA from Bangalore and MBA from Nepal.  She is currently working as a Freelance Writer and Content Marketer.  She loves traveling, watching movies, reading, and baking. Her website 

Saeed Al-maisari from Bangalore, India

Saeed continues to live as a hobby. He was never serious. In 1994,he entered this life as if he was entering a bar.

Suryasri Saha from Kolkata, India

Suryasri is working at a leading software firm as an associate software engineer. She loves expressing herself by penning down her thoughts. She has self published two books of poetry titled 'Penning Expressions' and 'Prism of Thoughts'. A number of her poems have also been published in various magazines,anthologies,journals and webizines(both online and offline).

Shwetha H.S. from Bengaluru, India

Shwetha H S is a writer and a book reviewer.. She works as a food technologist to earn her bread and butter. When she is not randomly eating, you can find her either reading or writing. After reading the books, she reviews them on We Read That Too, her book review blog. About her writing, her historical fiction made it to the top ten for author Amish Tripathy’s prompt in Write India season one. Her nonfiction work featured in the third issue of UnBound magazine. She was one of the finalists in Readify Author Hunt season one. As you read this, she is simultaneously working on two novels, one a murder mystery and other a drama. Her next poetry collection is something that all men would appreciate.   Her blog - 

Suman Siwach from Jorhat, India

Suman is PhD in English Literature. She has served as an educator in college,school and training institutes. Currently, she writes blogs( and poems on Instagram (Art poetica).

Shaista Yasmeen from Poonch, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Shaista is a Govt English teacher with B.Sc, MA, M.Ed 

Shashi Soreng from Bangalore, India

Shashi is a Mechanical Engineer by profession.. She loves turning conversations into stories because she believes there’s always a story behind.

Sudha Chandrasekaran from Coimbatore, India 

Sudha is a  freelance writer for the past 22 years and has written for Indian magazines, newspapers and US magazine.

Samia Ahmed from Norfolk, USA

Samia is a first year MFA Creative Writing student at Old Dominion University. She is originally from India where she has been published in nationally recognized journals. She has a Masters in journalism. She believes in breaking stereotypes and continues to practice it while petting pretty black cats and sipping chai.

Srinjoy Bhattacherjee from Mumbai, India 

Srinjoy is a corporate lawyer working with a bank in Mumbai as an in-house counsel, advising on lending transactions. Travelling and photography interests Srijoy apart from writing and you would mostly find Srinjoy out of country on a solo-trip on extended weekends. 

Sudeep Soparkar from Mumbai, India

Sudeep is a  creative nerd who loves to express through poems.

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