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Sonali Sharma from Dehradun, India

Sonali is a writer poet, and translator. She has written articles for numerous sites.  Her poem is published in the anthology 'Whispers of Heart 1'. Her blog - 

Snehalata Mishra Vishwakarma from Bangalore, India

Snehalata is a a young writer and primarily writes fiction and poetry both in English and in Hindi. Her writing typically focuses on ironies of lives and phases of relationships. She draws her inspiration from the people around her and their experience. 

Shubham Netam from Chhattisgarh, India

Shubham is a student and a short story writer. Born and brought up in Nagpur, Maharashtra, currently living in Gunderdehi, Chhattisgarh.

Srivalli Chilakamarri from Puducherry, India

Srivalli is a young  MBBS graduate. She has always aspired to write something good. Now shei started experimenting with various themes that her inner soul likes and trying to submit in some platforms while preparing for her post graduation. 

Sanjana Saksena Chandra from Bangalore, India

A literature student, former journalist and marketer, Sanjana is a voracious reader who also loves to write. An LSR graduate, she spent most of her adult life between Delhi and Mumbai switching jobs from media to corporate and is now settled in Bangalore.

Simran Arora, New Delhi

Along with reading books, she writes about real life experiences, mental health, book reviews, poems and short stories.  Her blog -

Saryu Sharma, New Delhi, India

Saweini S. Laloo from Shillong, India

Shravya Naveen from India

Sharanya B from Trivandrum, India

Saigeet from India

Shabnum Khanum from India 

Supriti Haloi from Guwahati, India

Sharmistha Bhattacharyya from USA

Shalu from New Delhi, India

Syamala Devi from Tenali, India

Shree from Dallas, USA

Swati Sanguri  from Ghaziabad, India

Sangeeta Saha from Kolkata, India 

Sundus Hussain from Delhi, India 

Smitha Abraham from Bangalore, India

Sangeetha from Bangalore

Saarthi Gandotra  from Mumbai

Sayantini Bhattacharya from Kolkata

Sirisha Kambam from Andhra Pradesh

Shilpa Desawale from New Jersey, USA

Suprita from from Tampa, USA

Stuti Jamwal from Pune, India

Sudha from TX, USA