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But Just Say I Love You - 17

by Jaysree Vijay
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Chapter 17

The next day Vijay and Harini were in Shyam's clinic. Shyam slowly hynotized Harini and brought out Hashna.

“Hashna, were do you stay?”

“Hey doctor, how dare you ask this?”, demanded Harini.

“You can call me Shyam.” Shyam corrected.

“Listen Dockie, I am not that timid Harini to accept everything you say. Got it? I will be who I am,” cleared Hashna.

Shyam was surprised by how valiant she was.

“Do not try to enact as if you know nothing." She continued as she played with her hair.

“No Hashna. I do not know anything about it”, Shyam tried to keep his voice low.

“I stayed in the house, opposite to Vijay’s flat. I mean your current house.”

“Why did you choose that house in particular?”

“I loathed staying with Harini. Plus, I was not able to place my perfumes, wallet, bags or cosmetics anywhere in her room. That idiot, Harini, whenever she saw my cosmetics, kept it inside, wondering to whom it belonged to. She never knew it was mine; because she never knew me.” She paused as she twisted her hair strand.

“The house keys were always with Harini. I used it. I used the house mostly in the night. I imagined myself as Vijay’s neighbour. His room was visible from the house. I used to keep staring at his room the whole night.” As Hashna spoke, Vijay could relate to the silhouette he saw in Kamini Aunt’s house.

“You use heavy cosmetics and luxurious accessories?” inquired Shyam. Vijay wondered how this question would relate to the current situation.

“Of course, yes. Vijay loves people who take care of themselves well. I always use only branded products that are posh”, replied Hashna. Vijay could now recollect what he spoke to Shwetha.
“How can someone care for others, when they don’t care for themselves?” the conversation ran in his mind. He was stunned.

“What do you do for funds?” asked Shyam.

“Simple, I use Harini’s jewellery and mortgage them”, Hashna laughed.

Vijay could connect the dots now and why Shyam brought this topic up.

“Dockie, there is an additional benefit in this. You know? At the end of the day, It was Harini who would get caught, because I specifically chose Vijay’s gifts for her." She laughed loudly.

“I thought it all began to impress Vijay, Am I right? Why did you start hating Harini?”

“Hell Yes. Initially it was just to impress Vijay and make him love me, but it all began one fine day. The day I spoke to Vijay”, Hashna paused.

“You have spoken to Vijay?” interrogated Shyam.

“Yup. Just one day. I told him that his wife was stupid. I also told him about how he looked. He ignored me completely."
Vijay was able to recollect what Harini spoke to him one fine day. “You look like a Greek god. Men with such godliness are often matched to stupid woman.” She had applied heavy dark mascara on her eyes. She looked strange. Vijay was in no mood to understand or interpret the difference. He ignored and walked away.

“I slowly started doing things which would deepen the rift between Vijay and Harini. I meticulously planned in such a way, that Harini got caught for all that I did. Once I even tried to destroy one of the important office stuff. My bad luck, Vijay’s sister saw it. In fear of getting noted, I had to just crumble it and walk away." Hashna‘s speech hastened.

“It was obvious Doctor. I know my Vijay. He is a man of ethics. Would he ever love or marry another woman when his wife is around? He would not. I initially reckoned that deepening the rift would bring us close. As I worked out, I realized it was only by removing Harini once for all, I could get close to Vijay,” Hashna paused.

“My hatred for her grew rapidly. It was just few days back, Vijay was furious when he came to know about the jewellery. He hit her hard. Harini wept continuously. I was not able to stand Harini’s insanity anymore. I thought it was the right time to kill Harini. It would be surely misinterpreted for a suicide. Harini would be gone, I would be safe and Vijay would be mine. I took a knife and cut her wrist hard. I cut her left wrist so that people would believe it was a suicide. My misfortune, Vijay entered at the right time. But I would not leave her back in comfort. I want my Vijay. She is the one in between us. I will kill her. I will make her suffer.” Hashna was violent and loud.

Shyam shook her hard. She fell back into the chair.

Vijay and Shyam discussed in private.

“The longest session!”, Shyam exclaimed. “By now all the dots could be connected. Why Harini felt that someone was moving around in the house, where the jewellery went and why Hashna thought Harini was to be blamed. But the only thing that worries me is her intention to kill Harini. It might come up any time again. Hashna is a stronger alter. Harini is much of a timid soul accommodating this violent alter. Hashna can easily take over Harini any time, which implies Harini life is threatened," Shyam spoke in a saddened tone.

He looked at Vijay. His face showed fear and determination at the same time.

“It is all in your hands Vijay”, exclaimed Shyam.

Vijay stood up to take Harini home. He devised a plan in his mind.

To be continued here....

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