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IWW eJournal April 2014

iww eJournal 2014- Issue No.28, April 2014

"You don't write because you want to say something,  

 you write because you've got something to say." -          

     - F. Scott Fitzgerald

A hearty welcome to our April 2014 issue of IWW eJournal.  A special welcome  to our new authors who joined our team this month -  Gaurav Joshi, Aastha Rudra and Sanchita Sarkar. 

Another happy news of this month is  that Dr. Subhash Chandra, who is familiar to IWW readers with his contribution, has joined our Editorial team

As usual, this issue comes to you with a variety of literary work, including a new items, and hope you too will enjoy reading them as much as we did in presenting them to you.

Happy reading!

Editorial Team

Contents of this Issue

Short Stories

The Rich Man - By Meenakshi Kumar

Lessons in Customer Care - By Gitanjali Maria

A House of Lies - By Gaurav Joshi

The Dragon Tattoo - By Jini Maxim

The End - By Aastha Rudra

Naag-Panchami - By Kiran Jhamb

Emergency Support on Sunday - By Sanchita Sarkar 

Stories for Children

Nibya and the Giant - By Subhash Chandra


Tribute to Sardar - By Vimala Ramu

Confusion of Landmarks - By Nuggehalli Pankaja

As You Say

Overcome Awkward Situation - By Vaman Acharya


Our Mayflower Tree - By Nuggehalli Pankaja

Who is to Blame? - By Lakshmi Menon 

Book Review

Review of Sweet & Sour-1 - By Nuggehalli Pankaja

Music Review 

Pt. Jasraj's rendition of beauteous Bihag - By Indrani Talukdar