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iww ejournal Jan 2013

Best Wishes for  a very happy and prosperous New Year.

This bright new year is given me

To live each day with zest

To daily grow and try to be

My highest and my best!

By – William Arthur Ward

Welcome to our 1st issue of iww e-journal for the year 2013.  (Issue No.13 - Jan 2013) 

Thank you all for your participation in iww by contributing, reading, caring and supporting .  

The year 2012 was a wonderful year for us, and let's hope this year too would be an exciting year.  

This issue comes with exciting  stories, touching poems, insightful book review, humorous article, and two serial novels.  As usual, this month too we have new writers with their exciting contributions.  We wholeheartedly welcome them who joined our wonderful team of writers.  Please take your time to enjoy  this issue and  and also to encourage our writers.  

Happy Reading!

Editorial Team

Contents of this Issue

Short Stories

Home Coming  - By Deepa Vaishnavi  

Too Late - By Nuggehalli Pankaja 

First Union - By Nirupama Sudarsh


Path breaker - By Ananya Sarkar 

Message of the Year Gone - By Nuggehalli Pankaja  

Damini the lightning - By Rakhi Dhawan

Even to Odd - By Ramesh 

Jubilee Park - By Nuggehalli Pankaja  

The True Mistakes- By Bhavya

Book Reviews 

Unhooked by Munmun Ghosh   - Reviewed by Geetashree Chatterjee 


The Flyaway Saree - By Vimala Ramu 

Serial Novels

Murder Most Foul - By Bala  - Chapter 3

Mysterious Disappearances - By Nirupama Akella - Chapter 1