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iww eJournal March 2013

  iww eJournal 2013- Issue No.15,  March 2013

IWW is delighted to greet you with the March issue. It brings with it the promise of entertainment and joy. Many fledgling writers have found a platform for their stories and poems here. IWW encourages you to write from the heart. Write about the world around you. Be a good observer of people and places. Let your characters be true to life, so that readers can relate to them. Add a dash of humour when possible. Don’t be under the misconception that you are not a “real writer” unless you write a novel. Keep writing and good luck!"  

It is our great pleasure to mention that two stories from IWW ((1) Mother Tree by Nuggehalli Pankaja, and  (2) Pink Umbrella by Smit Zaveri), have been featured in India Review magazine published by Indian Embassy from Washington, in January 2013 and December 2012 issues, respectively.   So remember the importance of updating your profile in iww. 

Happy reading...!

Editorial Team

Contents of this issue

Short Stories

Flight - By Kiran Jhamb

Little Drops of Water - By Stuti Jamwal

Reverie - By Stuti

With You Till Eternity - By Parul Tyagi

Celebrating Independence - By Usha Madhuranathan


Live Canvas - By Anita Raghu Belagodu

Arise Kalidasa..Arise - By Nuggehalli Pankaja

Adieu I Said - By Harsh Vardhan Dwivedi

Books - By Bhavya

Window - By Suyash Saxena

Demo(no)cracy - By Roshni Muraleedharan

My Journey - By Anuradha

Serial Novels

Murder Most Foul - Chapter 5 - By Bala

Mysterious Disappearances - Chapter 3 - By Nirupama Akella


Bride Fixing - By Nuggehalli Pankaja

Charming Chain - By Dhanya Narayanan

My Extra Marital Affairs - By Vimala Ramu

As You Say

What's in a Name? - By Pushpa Raghuram 

The human in a man - By Sriram