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IWW eJournal September 2014

 iww eJournal 2014- Issue No.33, September 2014

(Cover Photo credit: Ramjee)

Welcome to the September 2014 issue of IWW eJournal. As usual,  we are introducing new writers this month too - Vidya Panicker  and Sima Hegdekatte with their Short Stories. We take great pride in all our writers.  We had to reject many writers for not following our guidelines. 

Please check this page to see which contributions published in the month of August 2014 got the maximum views. 

After the festive mood of Gowri and Ganesha Chaturthi festivals, most of you must be slowly getting back to your normal mood of reading and writing. By then the people of Kerala must be getting ready for their grand festival Onam which falls on Sunday, the 7th of this month. 

Happy reading!

IWW Team

Contents of this Issue