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IWW eJournal June 2012

iww eJournal 2012- Issue No.6, June 2012

Flowers in Full Bloom Across May Skies in Mumbai - A Rare Sight

(Contributed by Mohit Singh)

Welcome to the 6th issue of iww-ejournal.

The sixth IWW e-journal brings you a new set of short stories, poems, book reviews and articles for your reading pleasure of this month (June). As usual, you can see new talents this month too, with their wonderful contributions.

Please don't hesitate to encourage our writers with your valuable feed back.

Editorial Team


Contents of this Issue

Short Stories

On the eve of Life - By Dr.Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi 
A Fiery Tale - By Priyanka Roy Banerjee 
Zoya - By Priyanka Roy Banerjee 

Inspirational Story

Dutiful Son - By Santhosh Menon 


A Kinder Heart - By Isabel Cecilia Pascual 
The Bangleseller's Daughter - By Ananya Sarkar 
Friendship - By Bhavya Vimal 
Service Always Saves - By Bhavya Vimal 
My Mentor and I - By Tanuja Chatterjee 
World Through Your Eyes - By Asha Jha 


The Villain in My Life - By Vimala Ramu 

Book Reviews

Book Review - Vanished - Reviewed By Lakshmi Menon 

Critical Review of "Mr.Know All" - Reviewed By Gulnaz Fatima

Serial Novel

Where Peacocks Fly - Chapter 25 - By Prema Sastri

Photo of the month

The Golden Temple, Amritsar : A Surreal Abode (Contributed by Mohit Singh.)