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iww eJournal February 2013

"Every secret of a writer’s soul,

every experience of his life,

every quality of his mind,

is written large in his works.”

—Virginia Woolf

Welcome to the February issue of iww e-journal 2013. (Issue No.14, February 2013)

This issue comes to you with more stories/poems/and articles. Some of them are interesting and entertaining, whereas some others are soul touching and thought provoking.  As usual this issue too discovers new writers and their talents. We are happy to have you too on board. we are growing rapidly month after month with the increase in our readers and writers.

In the past, reading the children's stories in iww, some of the writers were contacted for permission to use their work in text books. Also some other  authors,  including new writers, were contacted by  well known magazines, seeking their permission to use their work.  Some writers missed the opportunity for lack of providing contact details.  So, writers remember to submit your original best work to iww, where you get a commendable exposure.      

Happy reading!

Editorial Team

Contents of the Issue

Short Stories

Music Matters - By Pushpa Raghuram 

Vicious Circle - By Sriram

God - By Arindam Banerjee

Love,Shillong and Shiv  - By Paulami Dutta 

A Choice - By Chetna Sharma

The Graduation of Love - By Preethi Peter

Last Night - By Chetna Sharma



Solitutde - By Preetham Kopparam

Too Old To Remember - By Chandni Singh

Oh my dearest - By Dr.Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi

Baton of our life - By Anita R. Belagodu

Nothing is impossible - By Bhavya 

A Locust - By Anita R Belagodu


Bio data in short - By Vimala Ramu

Coffee storm in the Tea cup - By Dhanya Narayanan

On The other side  - By Safia 

Travel articles

Time travelling in the streets of Mumbai - By Dr Abitha Seshadri 

Memories matter - Pushpa Raghuram 

Holidays in Deep South - By Safia

Serial Novels

Murder Most Foul - Chapter 4 - By Bala

Mysterious Disappearances - Chapter 2 - By Nirupama Akella 

Film Review 

Kamath and Kamath - By Padmaja