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IWW eJournal April 2012

iww eJournal 2012- Issue No.4, April 2012

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Welcome to the 4th issue of iww-ejournal.

The fourth IWW e-journal brings you a new crop of short stories and articles to be read and enjoyed throughout the month of April. IWW is committed to promoting fresh talent and encouraging potential writers to make use of their imaginative faculties, take up their pens and churn out unforgettable stories. The web has opened up a world of opportunities. This is the time to use contemporary Indian themes that will resonate all around the world.

The short story is a literary microcosm. Robert Frost called it an exploration of life. We encourage new writers to send in your best work. Practice makes perfect. Spruce up your submissions with good editing, punctuation and grammar, so that the chances of rejection of your work will be minimized.

This e-journal is also open to non-fiction writing under various categories – real life events, travel, perspectives, health and spirituality. To construct a readable article there must be an attention-grabbing introduction, factual details arranged in the body of the article in logical order, and a convincing ending. We value the contributions of our regular writers and welcome constructive feed-back for the improvement of our journal. Happy Reading!

Editorial Team


Contents of this issue

As You Say

Togetherness and The Human Touch - By Sneha Subramanian Kanta 

Short Stories

A new Road - By Indrani Talukdar 
Who is Right? - By Vaman Acharya 
The Lines of Fate - By Eva Bell


In Times Like This - By Isabel Cecilia Pascual 
Unopened Bottle - By Isabel Cecilia Pascual 
You.... - By Isabel Cecilia Pascual 
The House I Grew Up In - By Sneha Subramanian Kanta 
So Easily - By Madhuri Prakash 
My April - By Sneha Subramanian Kanta 


Gifts,Gifts,Gifts - By Vimala Ramu 


An (Un)holy Experience - By Geetashree Chatterjee

Book Review

Book Review - The Dangerous Man - By Geetashree Chatterjee 

Are you a Pill-popper? - By Dr.Eva Bell

Serial Novel

Where Peacocks Fly - Chapter 24 - By Prema Sastri

Photo of the month